Cervical cancer stage 3b

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Hi I am new here just looking for some advice and just people who is in my situation.

i was diagnosed 4 weeks ago everything has happened so fast. the tumor in my cervix is 8cm and gone a little into my pelvic wall. i am just wondering how fast treatment will start if anyone knows, as I feel everything has just come to a stand still.

i have a lot of family surrport but still feel so alone. i have been rushed to hospital twice with loss of blood. just any one who can give me a bit advice plz I would be so greatful

  • Hi EmmaD23

    It took about 5 weeks from diagnosis to treatment starting for me. In between that I had an exam under anaesthesia, the tattoo session for the radiotherapy and various other scans.

    Prior to treatment starting I was given transexamic acid to help with the bleeding and it did the job very well.

    Maybe a call to your CNS for an update would be worth while. 

    Also a site called jos trust is very helpful, is specifically for those with a cervical cancer diagnosis.

  • Hi thanks for this I have had all my scans and been put on the tablets but still having big bleeds.still awaiting treatment.i just feel like I have been flung into the abyss and I cant find my way out.did you find that after you were given your diagnosis that the pain and everything got worse.i do have a lot of family support but I feel bad crying and showing them my real fears and pain because I don't want to hurt them more than they are already hurting x

  • I am on to week 6 since diagnosis as well and still been told any day now for treatment.if you don't mind could you tell me abit about your experience with the treatment.

  • Absolutely!!! everything is heightened, it's almost like your body says "right here we go, I will now set off every nerve ending, make every part twinge and ache, just to mess with you"

    Talk to your family, I dodnt want to make people hurt any more than they are but one person said to me that sharing everything is part of the process and will help with healing.

    Treatment effects everyone differently but for me once treatment started I found that the pain and bleeding stopped really quickly. 

    Travelling daily for radiotherapy was tiring in itself, I found myself napping during the day a lot. This caused bowel problems throughout, but they were manageable.

    Chemo days were OK, lunch provided and as much tea and biscuits as you want. 

    (I was going through treatment at the height of lockdown so getting iut for the day was like a treat!)

    As they give you lots of fluids via iv with the chemo I was always needing the loo, and they always give you steroids too so for the next couple of nights I was up allllllll night!! 

    Drink lots of water throughout treatment and try and stay active.... daily walks etc. And eat what you fancy ,  but please eat.

    Brachytherapy .... well that was an experience, its more mind over matter, it didn't hurt me (they moved me and it trapped a nerve, then I was in pain).

    It's more, I think degrading is the word, laying flat on your back not being able to sit up at all.  Drinking hot drinks through a Tommy tippee cup. I got used to it though. And  you have to remember the nurses who care for you see this all the time. 

    I'm having some after effects - the radiation proctits and some nerve damage in my leg.

    Menopause is a right bugger as that also comes with its own issues

    They are also monitoring me for recurrance right now - but that's another story.  

    It's quite a distant memory for me, but if you are on jos trust my posts from when I had treatment are on there (same user name xxHHxx)

    (Treatment started today - hope this helps)

    That's the title of one of my posts from jos trust.

    One of the consultants said  "do not wrap her up in cotton wool" lol I think it helped 

    Hope this helps you, anything else just ask

  • Thank you very much.got my first appointment today for radiotherapy does this mean will start then or just to talk about what happens.

    Sleeping I could sleep all day now haha.

    I am terrified of the bracatherpy as I cant lay on my back to start with for long periods of time.did you get put to sleep for this.

    My partner is really supportive like the rest of my family so it's good that way but it's nice to have someone that has been or going though what I am.

    I will join the site now thanks soo much for speaking with me means alot.

  • Have they given you tattoos yet? 

    If not I would imagine that appointment would be for that. I believe the tattoos are standard through out! 

    You have to have a full bladder so they may give you a beaker with a measure on the side so you know how much to drink before radiation - I was always desperate for the loo after ! 

    Bracytherapy ... no your not put to sleep, are you staying in hospital for it? I spent a week in hospital - it was supposed to be 3 nights I think but I had a bit of a temperature so they wouldn't let me home .

    They give you an emema first as you can't get up to go to the loo. When they insert the rods they do it under an epidural so you are awake, I think they gave a sedative too so I was sleepy but not knocked out. 

    Then they scan you to make sure the rods are in place .

    Then you just lay there , bring head phones, listen to audio books, music , pod casts. Just relax it's really not too bad.

    You have a catheter. 

    They put pulsating casts on my legs to keep the blood flowing as you are laying for that period of time. They are weird. 

    As you can't poo, you may het very windy so drink peppermint tea! 

    Oooo ear plugs and an eye mask also help!!  Hospital's are noisy ! 

    Unless you have been through such a thing the true understanding isn't there ....talking to people those who have been through it is great, although all the experiences are different there are so many similarities, and hearing peoples stories does prepare you mich more than any nurse or consultant can 


  • No I haven't had tattoos yet no one has spoke much about the treatment just want al be having really.i am so scared about the brachytherapy.but hey it has to be done if I want to get better.they haven't mentioned hospital stays just that I would he having 2/3 sessions.is the chemo days long or it is just a few hours.i really appreciate your help its making me understand things better.xxxx

  • Does getting the tat hurts 

  • Hi Emma D23.  I am a 3c1 lady and the tattoos don't hurt.  The Chemo days are long and I recommend wearing very loose trousers/skirt as you will need to go to the loo taking your drip with you so you will only have one hand free.  The Chemo days are around 6 - 8 hours long but you are given refreshments and lunch.  I took my tablet and magazines and all sorts but mainly didn't need them as there is so much to see and you tend to get into conversations.  If memory serves me correctly it will be around 10 - 14 days after tattoos that treatment starts.  I really wouldn't even stress about the brachytherapy yet as that is quite a way down the road and for now just concentrate on the treatment you will start with.  I didn't find the brachytherapy bad at all... very boring but not bad.   Good luck and keep us all posted with your progress xxx

  • Hi snobird.thanks for your reply its my first ever appointment on Tuesday next week with any sort of treatment team.so am guessing this will be just to talk about what is going to happen.are you awake for the tats.are you though the other side of all this now like are you cancer free.i have found this site soo helpful and comforting knowing am not the only one as I know I am not but I guess we all have felt like that in the beginning right.