Possibility of stage 4b cervical cancer

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My aunt is 56 and lives in Myanmar. Five months ago, she had suffered from cervical cancer stage 1b diagnosed in Myanmar and underwent the cervix removal surgery. The doctor said all the cancer cells had been removed and further follow-ups like radiotherapy and chemotherapy are not needed. That was five months ago. But 18 days ago,her face became swollen and faced with hypertension which didn't go away after 2 weeks. Thus, we did medical check-up again and had a CT scan and smear test. The CT scan showed that the cancer cells are spreading to lungs and liver which can concluded as stage 4. We were so shocked about the result and still wonder if the fact the cancer cells can be spreader as fast within 4 months could be possible. But the biopsy of the vaginal vault smear's resultshow that there is no abnormal cells and just include the parabasal cells which is the sign of the menopause. But the doctor still tells that that is cancer. We are now planning to receive the medical check up again in Singapore which is well-known for cancer treatment. We also notice that the results from Myanmar are not mostly reliable. But i want to know if the cancer cells spreading to lungs and liver could be possible for her whose surgery  had been accomplished with no cancer cells left. Please reply me and I will really appreciate for that 

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    Hi Veronica. My sister age 55 also just diagnosed stage 4b and surgery is not an option as she too has spread from vault to bladder and lungs. She has. Been under constant care, surgeries for bladder issues, scans etc so I am confused why it was not picked up before stage 4. Sounds like our stories are similar. Told she is on palliativ care due to stage and chemo is to help with the symptoms. I have took time away from my job in Canada to be here in UK to see if we can fight with diet and lifestyle in addition to chemo. I think I'm a bit in denial but also I want to live as though we are winning. 

    So sorry about your aunt. 

    Praying we get miracles for our loved ones 

  • I also have cervical cancer stage IV inoperable, I have severe pain but don't want any painkillers

    single 3 kids

    Cervical cancer stage IV since 2020, mets to lung bladder and bowel

    I refuse pain killer

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    I haven’t seen you in the group before, so welcome.

    You have made a reply here to a poster who is no longer part of the forum so unfortunately it’s unlikely there will be any response.

    Would you like to make another new post to introduce yourself to the group? Can we help with anything? It might help to have others to talk to. Your pain can be managed, so I’m sorry to read that you don’t want painkillers. There is lots of help available, so it seems sad to suffer with pain, but I appreciate you may have personal reasons for this. I hope we’ll see you post again so we can get to know you. You are very welcome to be here in the group.

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