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Any advice or guidance i have just been diagnosed with this and honestly feeling numb. Everything feels so slow within 2 weeks a pat scan and then another week for an appointment and then to start treatment feels so long but i know it isnt.

any success stories out there? X

  • Hi again  

    I’m sorry to read you’ve had this diagnosis-it’s always a horrible shock to hear those words. I hope you’ll hear plenty of success stories to give you some encouragement and hope!

    It does seem like the wait is so long, but in reality it’s not. I waited 6 weeks from my diagnosis to start treatment and I do remember it seemed a long time when I was anxious to get on. 

    I’m assuming that you are to have chemoradiation as you haven’t mentioned a hysterectomy? When I was originally diagnosed back in 2018, I was at stage 2b, so slightly different to you as I had some parametrium involvement-ie the cancer had invaded a little into the space around the cervix.

    My treatment was chemoradiation, and I was scheduled to have 25 sessions of radiotherapy, and 5 sessions of chemotherapy, followed by an inpatient stay to have bravhytherapy(internal radiation). In the event, my treatment plan had to change a bit but when I had my post treatment scan around 3 months after treatment finished my result was NED (no evidence of disease).

    It can be useful to complete your profile details, so that you don’t have to repeat yourself if others have questions, and it lets other forum members see what your diagnosis and treatment has been been. If you click on anyone else’s name you will be able to see their story if they have completed these details. 

    If there’s anything you’d like to know, please do ask and we can answer questions from our own experiences. I hope you’ll find the group useful and supportive and my main advice would be to take one step at a time and one day at a time. 

    Sarah xx

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