Is it normal to wait this long?

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I was given the results of my colposcopy on 22nd Feb then had my appointments for an MRI, CT then saw my consultant on the 11th March and was told I had 2A and needed a PET CT which I had yesterday. I’m seeing my oncologist on 2/4 which is when I’ll be told when my treatment will start, they are predicting towards the end of April.

This seems like a long time compared to a lot of others on here - is it normal to wait this long? 

  • Hi again Mandy

    I think we all assume things are going to move very quickly but it’s not always like that, due to getting the relevant tests and scans and tailoring your treatment plan specifically to you in terms of the necessary chemo radio and brachytherapy. 

    I waited 6 weeks from diagnosis to treatment which seemed pretty usual when I spoke to others. 

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi  

    I had my colposcopy mid Nov, cc diagnosis early december, scans beginning jan, hysterectomy mid feb. After surgery and results came back, was found in lymph nodes. I had my planning scan last week and start chemorads on 10th april, its not always straightforward and scans and results etc take time unfortunately. The waiting is the worst. It looks like ill be starting treatment a couple weeks before you so feel free to reach out x

  • I went to gp with symptoms mid Jan. Lletz 3 march under GA. I was told cancer found 18 march. Had CT and MRI. 28 march found out surgery wasn’t an option. Had PET CT.
     18 April was told I was up to stage 3c1. I’m only seeing oncology on 7 may. It has been slower than a snails pace and completely excruciating to boot.