CT scan vs MRI?

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I have just had my 12 months checkup and all clear in the breast dept -yay. But I mentioned to my consultant I had right shoulder and lower back pain and he has referred me for a CT scan this Wednesday. Since then the back pain has got worse. From what I have read an MRI is better for picking up bone mets than a CT and so worrying a bit that if there is anything wrong it might be missed. Does anyone have any experience that can put my mind at rest. All I know is he asked the CT scan to look at 3 areas but stupidly didn’t ask which 3!

Thanks in advance x

  • Good morning Ali,

    Good news that your Breast checkup was fine.

    The CT should pick up any anomalies in the bones etc, if there are any areas of concern then a MRI is next step.

    I think with any scan there is always a risk of something being missed or misdiagnosed. But in general I would say they are usual correct.

    Fingers cross the results are all clear for you, the waiting is the worst!

    Sending hugs x

  • Thank you that’s really reassuring - as I am sure you can guess my mind has gone to all sorts of dark places! X

  • Hi there, I'm on my 2nd line of treatment. I was just thinking when you write that he asked the ct scan to look at 3 areas, are you referring to the consultant? I didn't know the consultant told them what to look at. The consultant may be omitting other areas if they do this. Can someone explain this to me. I'm. Confused. 

  • When I have a CT scan the consultant always asks for three areas, chest, abdomen and pelvis, presumably because these are the most likely sites for mets. Mine are in the lungs, liver and bones, with deposits on the colon. Hope that helps.

  • Hi Aly

    Following my one year check, cancer was found in my lymph nodes but breast was clear.  I mentioned back pain so Consultant requested a CT scan initially which showed up a small darkness in my spine.  Consultant then requested an MRI to get more detail to confirm what it was.

    Not sure that helps.

    How did you get on?

    K x