Breast cancer secondary

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Good morning to you all. I had a lumpectomy last year surgery and radiotherapy. I had 4 lymph nodes removed and one had cancer. I had my first annual mammogram two weeks ago and it was clear hurrah. I did mention I had a sore back a couple of months ago to BCN although it was much better she decided to send me for a bone scan. To my devastation it shows speckles on my spine. My whole world has shattered. I am going for MRI today and I guess treatment plan will be made after this. I am trying to be positive but finding it hard. Xx

  • Hi Hennie

    Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with Secondary Breast cancer.  It's perfectly understandable that you are finding it hard at the moment.  It's a shock to the system when you get a diagnosis like that.

    Wishing you the best  of luck with your MRI results and with whatever treatment plan your team comes up with.

    Best wishes


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  • Hope you get answers and a plan soon. Fingers crossed for you 

  • Good afternoon to everyone. Hope you are doing ok. Had MRI and CT scans. Fortunately no cancer shown in breast abdomen or chest. However. It is showing tissue pressing on spinal cord. I am waiting on neurosurgery to decide on taking the tissue out and currently on steroids to reduce inflammation in my upper thorax of spine. Emotions are all over the place and I’m trying to keep positive for my family. This is so hard as you all know xx

  • Hello everyone 

    I have now had the neurosurgery on spine to prop up thorax t5 vertebrae gone well. Just home from hospital this afternoon . The plan now I guess is radiotherapy or whatever they suggest. Finally it wasn’t pressing on spinal cord which was a relief. 
    Hope everyone doing ok 

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery Heart️‍ 

  • Glad your surgery went well, sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery x