Hoping for some advice

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I hope it’s ok to post this here. For context I was diagnosed in March 2022 stage 1 grade 2 Er positive HER negative invasive BC, had a therapeutic mammoplasty with clear margins but found in 1 lymph node so a second op for full axial clearance. No chemo but radiotherapy and now on anastrazole. This was all on my right side. I have been experiencing right shoulder pain and more recently some bloating but deep down in my pelvis rather than under my ribs and am starting to panic a bit about secondaries. I have my 6 month check up on 28/9 and unsure if I should just wait until then as it’s only a couple of weeks or try and bring it forward. I don’t want to appear paranoid to the consultant but could waiting a couple of weeks make things worse. Would also be interested if anyone else had similar symptoms pre diagnosis

Thank you in advance - hoping someone can put my mind at rest x

  • Hi Aly,

    A couple of weeks is unlikely to make much difference physically if there were to be secondaries, but routine testing after breast cancer tends to be limited to the breast, so best to speak to your consultant now if other scans need to be arrange (CT/PET/MRI etc.).