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Hello everyone...it was 10 years almost to the day from my initial breast cancer dx, that the haematologist, who is dealing with my new anaemia, rang me to say that the bone marrow involvement is not a primary blood cancer.  This was such a shock.  I had imagined so many outcomes of the bone marrow biopsy but not this one.  Although we are still waiting for the definitive results (ie is this a breast cancer secondary) he seems to think that this is most likely.

I had lobular invasive very early cancer and the only treatment needed was a mastectomy.  Clean scar, no lymph node involvement.  I thought this was over and done with...I am still numb really but have been transferred to Acute Oncology and waiting to hear.  The main worry I have is that all this time of waiting things may be getting worse inside me.  They are waiting to decide which scan is best until the results come.  How crazy to wish this was a primary blood cancer.  I always said I would never have chemo etc...but now it might be the only way.  I was on my own 10 years ago but now have a lovely partner who I met 2 years ago and i am so worried about him.

Thanks to you all for being there

MaryQ x

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    I'm sorry to read how much you're going through and I know how hard waiting for tests and then a treatment plan can be.

    I think we all worry that while we're waiting for treatment to start the cancer is having chance to grow. However, the consultants need to know everything they can before they can tailor a treatment plan.

    Wishing you all the best

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