New, but not so new, worried and anxious!!

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Hi all.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2021. Initially told lumpectomy and radiotherapy but this quickly changed. Four ops, final one being a mastectomy. Had chemo and radiotherapy and been on hormone therapy medication since july.

I struggled with letrozole lots of aches znd pains, joint stiffness told this was normal and perserve. Face to face appointment with oncologist and she arranged whole body scan ro rule out anything else, she was convinced nothing to worry about.

However last week i get a call changing my telephone appointment to a face to face the following day. Saw a different oncologist who was very negative, says there are two areas of concern one near my spine one lower back pelvic area. I was devastated just feel like the misery of the ladt two years were for nothing.  

My partner asked about treatment he said chemo not an option and it wasnt possible to operate. He said it would be hormone therapy to keep it at bay. Is this outlook right at this stage i still have to have mri and ct which will give a clearer picture but i just felt he didnt offer anything. Iv seen other people's stories that although absolutely devastating they seem to have hope.

I dont know what to think or expect. Is work still an option as i cant afford not too. How much will mobility be affected, i just feel overwhelmed.  Any help would be greatly appreciated xxxx

Thanks for sticking with the long read!!!! X

  • Hi 

    sorry to hear your news i was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021 and 2 weeks later i was told i had secondary cancer in the bones i have injections every 3 weeks and also have another treatment once every 3 months for the bones i also had a mastectomy which i had to battle to get as they said because i have secondary there is no evidence that having a mastectomy will prolong my life but i believe it will i was lucky to get a secondary opinion and was allowed to have the mastectomy.

    After being told i had secondary cancer i went on a req low i have now gained more acceptance and am choosing to live or what’s the point i can’t allow my mental health to suffer anymore so i get up every day choosing to live but i have to say it’s taken me over a year to get here with my mental health 

    There are so many treatments and i pray they work for me for a long time i found reading and gaining more knowledge of bone cancer really helpful 

    good luck x 

  • Thanks for the respone. Although i was diagnosed 2 years ago and thought  had been hit with eveything they had i wasnt expecting  this. I was sore and achey but found moving around helped so pushed myself to do more. 

    I think i was ok with the original diagnosis, i did all the treatments to stop reoccance but now im really angry. I am strong and determined but everyone has a breaking point. Im seeing onc in 3 weeks and should of had the scans done and a plan but just feel im heading into the unknown. Ladt time i was clear on what had to happen and what might happen. I hust felt like he wasnt offering me much of a future. 

    Thanks for listening xxxx

  • I hope you get more clarity and hope when you next see them i wrote down my questions as it can feel so overwhelming