Worried about husband

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My secondary breast cancer is responding well to phesgo treatment- had 42 now and latest scan showed all stable mets to bones and no further disease. I should be happy but my husband has now possibly got bowel cancer , awaiting results . I can’t believe that this is happening! I feel why ????? Have we not gone through enough already together? 
Im trying to be positive for him and our daughters- but it’s really worrying me , how will we cope with both having cancer treatment?

Sorry I just had to get this off my chest , hope everyone is ok x

  • Hi  

    That's great to read that your secondary breast cancer is responding well but I'm sorry to read that your husband is being investigated for possible bowel cancer. Life really doesn't seem fair at times, does it?

    As you know, the online community is divided up into different support groups, so if your husband does have bowel cancer you'd be welcome to join the bowel cancer group and also the carers only group. The second of these groups is a safe and supportive place to discuss your worries and emotions with other people who are looking after a loved one living with cancer.

    I'll be keeping everything crossed that your husband's tests come back negative for cancer.


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  • Thankyou - I will look at those other groups and I really appreciate your help- just hoping all will be ok - it’s the waiting that’s the worst x

  •   that is so s****. I’m so sorry to hear about your husband. 

    im very pleased to hear your treatment is doing well. I hope everything will be ok. Xx

  • Thankyou - he’s had an ultrasound scan but now needs further investigation as they could not see what it is ! Still waiting for this, but we have been told it will be in 2 weeks, let’s wait and see. Thank goodness I’m well at the moment, we are both trying to remain positive until we know what we are dealing with.

    it’s lovely to have contact on here with virtual friends for support, love to you all and hope you are all well.