New Targeted Therapy for TNBC

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Hi all,

I recently had my 6 month MRI after stopping Chemo for incurable TNBC as it wasnt working. Liver and Lung lesions static. Spine mets still active but manageable. R sided Chest wall and bones less active after palliative radiotherapy. Some new activity on left in axillar lymph nodes and bone. So nothing shocking or to panic about.

BUT the good news is that there is a new targeted therapy due to be approved in the coming months. My oncologist will talk to me when it is released. There is always hope.

I just wanted to share that with you all

Julie x

  • Hi , I love your positive attitude and yes indeed there is always hope.  Hope the new targeted therapy is able to help you. x

  • If not me then many others who share this difficult path.

    Thank you for taking on the role of champion. Your support is invaluable to everyone in the community.

    Stay well x

  • Hi Julie,

    Please may I take the name of this targeted therapy please?

    Wishing you all the best,


  • @Julie, might I ask what chemo you have had so far? My wife has stage 4 TNBC, and is current NED after just one cycle of chemo (Taxol & Carboplatin). Perhaps she's just very, very lucky, but we spoke to 2 top oncologists, and both said a platinum (like carboplatin) is very effective in TNBC.

    @Debbie, I'm imagining Julie is talking about Trodelvy (sacituzumab govitecan-hziy), which has been shown to double survival time. It has been approved by the MHRA, and is going through NICE, so hopefully they'll agree it pay for it.

  • Currently on Sacituzumab started 2 months ago. TNBC, secondary in Liver. Liver no trace after 3 months. Was on chemotherapy Abraxane and immunotherapy last year for 7 months but it stopped working so was put on AC for 6 cycles.  After stopped for a break really after 11 months of chemotherapy took its toll on me. Scan in January and April showed still no trace in Liver and tumours stable. I wasnt convinced.  June I called my cancer nurse, they don’t call you, or care. Pandemic has alot to answer for. Anyway after I convinced her something not right, I was ordered an ultra scan. The consultant was shocked I wasn’t on treatment as the scan confirmed tumours grown 3xs the size various other scans ordered and started Sacituzumab in August. So will see how I get on.