PHESGO for 18 months - anyone else on it, and how long for?

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Anyone on this treatment and how long you been on it? I’ve been on it 18th months and working well so far. CT scan MondayFingers crossed

  • Hi  

    That's great to read that your treatment is working well.

    I don't have any experience with it but noticed that your post hadn't had any replies yet. Responding to you will 'bump' it back to the top of the discussion list again.

    I've searched for any previous posts which mention PHESGO and found these for you to have a look through. 

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  • Hi Lindsay. I've just added details to my profile and think our journeys have been similar. I hope all went well with your scan today and that you get your results soon. I've got a telephone review with my consultant on Wednesday morning and my next scan will be requested.

    All's going well with my treatment plan so far - touch wood. Apart from feeling shattered most days I'm coping fine. I'm like a bullet train and always on the go - keeping busy is a good distraction for me and keeps me from wandering thoughts and all the 'what-ifs' which we've all had to deal with. Sending you a virtual hug and to all those on this forum. Mary x x x

  • I had my 60th phesgo injection on Wednesday! Seems to be working so far awaiting result of last ct scan, so fingers crossed x

  • And long may Phesgo continue working. Everything crossed that you have good news from your CT scan Fingers crossed x

  • Hi - I am on Phesgo - a 5 minute injection every 3 weeks since beginning of 2023. I have got secondary breast cancer - the breast cancer came back secondary after 9years in the left lung, liver and spine. It has gone from the liver and spine but the lung cancer has stayed exactly the same - hasn’t shrunk but hasn’t grown.