Phesgo affected heart function

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in just wondering whether anyone has any experience of phesgo affecting their heart function and what was the outcome. I’ve only had three phesgo treatments so far and my heart function has dropped from 73% to 40%. My phesgo has been stopped for now and I am on heart tablets (ramipril). I’ve missed two treatments so far and am waiting for a repeat MUGA scan at the end of this month. I’m HER2 positive with secondary spine and pelvis mets so understand phesgo is quite important part of my treatment. My concern is that apparently all HER2 positive treatments can affect your heart. Has anyone got an experience of other treatments should ny heart function not improve sufficiently to return to a HER2 positive treatment. I should also say that I have one more round of docataxel planned and then a CT scan to see how effective the chemo has been. Thanks in advance for any advice. 

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