Secondary breast cancer

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Hello, l have secondary breast cancer in my left jaw which l have been taking 1 tablet daily of Anastrozole for the past 3 years, but a few weeks ago l had a full body scan where more cancer was found in my bones. Friday l had to have my first 2 injections Fulvestrant  and will be taking Ribociclib tablets daily instead of Anastrozole , just wondering if anybody else is having the injection and taking same tablet  what are the side effects like. 

  • Hi curlyp

    I have spine mets and on Ribociclib fulvestrant and denosumab. I am currently on round 6 of Ribociclib. The main thing I have found for me is low immune system. I have had almost constant upper respiratory infections since I started them with varying degrees of severity. I also suffer from hair thinning fortunately I had thick hair to start with. I am on the highest dose of 600 mgs daily. I guess everyone is different and has different experiences on the meds with some having other side effects and some none. I hope you get on ok with the meds and I wish you well xx

  • Thank you Hennie for your very welcome reply which was very informative, i haven't received the tablets yet but feel better for knowing a bit more about what the side effects could be. I wish you well with your treatment XX