Recurrent infections

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  1. Hello online friends. 

I was diagnosed with bone metastasis in May 2023, and am on ribociclib + letrozole. I've had 5 hospital admissions with severe infections, cellulitis, gastritis,  and uti with kidney involvement x2.

I've had so many antibiotics,since January Ive had 6 weeks of oral augmentin + iv augmentin, +Gentamicin +  Taz iv. (Currently recovering in hospital). They haven't found the  actual bug causing  the infection, but I'm told the infection markers were very high. Each time my oncologist says this shouldn't happen again.

I feel I can't plan to do anything, and have missed out on weddings, a special holiday, and many other events. I know I'm moaning but these various infections make ever9so uncertain. 

Are any others experiencing this kind of thing. I'm confused by what the oncologist says and what is actually happening.

  I'm grateful for this space to share and let off steam.

Sea Ranger.

  • Hi Sea R;anger

    Sorry to hear that you have been getting recurrent infections.  Moan away as you are perfectly entitled to have a moan with all that you are going through.

    Hope you start to feel better soon and that you have no more infedtions.

    Best wishes


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  • Hi Sea Ranger. 
    I too have had almost constant upper respiratory infections since I started Ribociclib fulvestrant and denosumab back in November. I have had amoxicillin co amoxiclav doxycycline so far and nothing kicks it out entirely. I’m back on amoxicillin today for another upper respiratory so I sympathise. I am now starting round 6 of ribo. I have spine  metastasis and had an operation on a vertebrae in upper back in September to prop up the vertebrae as it was in danger of collapse followed by radiotherapy  I have managed a holiday in March to Lanzarote  to help boost my immune system which helped a bit. Hoping you are a bit better now x

  • What a horrible time you're having. I wish you well