Docetaxel and hair loss

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I am about to start Docetaxel chemo again. I had a bit of brake as first cancer treatment  was over 4years ago so a bit blurry memory. Does anyone had 6round of only Docetaxel and what was your hair situation?? Just wondering if I should shave it straight away or give it a chance? Thank you in advance 

  • I had Docetaxil and used the cold cap. I still lost a lot of hair but it was just thinner xx 

  • When I started docetaxel it took about 3 weeks after first treatment and my hair went like dredlocks so I shaved it off but I never went completely bold and never lost my eyebrows or eyelashes. Good luck with your treatment xxx

  • Hi Lindz

    Hope you are well. I see you have the same diagnosis as me and having same treatment, can i ask how you are doing? I started chemo in march and have 3 cycles left then continue with phesgo. Be nice to hear from someone going through the aame. Thank you