Timescale for treatment following diagnosis?

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My friend was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in her lung & lymph node mid November. She has seen the oncologist and been given a treatment plan - Letrozole, Zoladex & Ribociclib. 

it is now over 3 weeks since her oncology appointment and she has still not received any of her medication - is this normal?

she has had the fluid drained from her lung twice now, and a drain permanently fitted (which is causing a lot of pain at the moment).

I want to get an idea of timescales other people experienced in similar situations? As I’m getting annoyed it is taking so long. 

and also how long it will take for her to respond to the treatment when she finally starts?

  • I would have thought she would have got her medication quicker than that.  I was given my Letrozole prescription (to take to my GP) on the same day I was told it was part of the treatment plan. I got the chemo tablet directly from the hospital the following week. 
    I suggest phoning the Oncologists secretary or her nurse.  
    Hope that helps.


  • Thank you for sharing your experience - this is what I would have expected. It is so frustrating that she’s having to keep chasing and getting passed from pillar to post. 

  • Hi

    My experience was a little different.

    I got the diagnosis over the phone, then it was 2 weeks before I saw the oncologist. I was prescribed Letrozole and Zoladex through the GP. Couldn't start taking the Letrozole until (conflicting instructions for Consultants) either 2 or 6 weeks from the Zoladex injection.

    It was about two weeks from the face to face with Consultant before they started the Ribociclib. Unfortunately, I seem to have had a serious side effect from  this medication and I'm currently hospitalised with a dodgy liver.

    I hope your friend gets the medication soon, once they start the treatment it helps dealing with  diagnosis. And, I've met so many people with positive experiences on that combination.

    N x

  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had side effects a hope you are able to leave hospital soon.

    It seems like there is not one process and it’s all the uncertainty / miscommunication that’s making things even worse at the moment.