Hickman line dressing and hot weather

I have a line in and it has been very itchy over the last few days, with a bit of redness that seems to be restricted to the dressing area. My onco nurse suggested not using a dressing but winding the line and using micropore (or whatever the tape is they give you) which shouldn't be a problem after the stitches have been removed. Anybody got any practical suggestions? I'm on 12 week Paclitaxel with 4 treatments to go.

  • Hi Dillonsmum welcome to the forum. Can you believe this warm weather its been sweltering hasn't it.

    It could be an  allergic reaction to the dressing as that can sometimes happen, hence, I suspect that is why the nurse has suggested winding the line and holding it in place with tape rather than the dressing to see if that makes any difference.


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  • Seen the oncologist and everything has shrunk! He is very cautious that I understand that I won' be cured. I am going to have (hopefully) another four Taxol weekly after I have finished my first 12, as long as I can tolerate it. At the moment I have a Hickman line in place and the dressing is causing serious itching and redness, which looks like an allergic reaction as it is only under the dressing, I did try leaving it off and winding the wire and securing with tape, as suggested by one of the nurses. I then got told off by another nurse for not using a dressing! Has anyone had a HIckman line removed before the end of treatment, returning to hard to find veins for infusions and bloods.

  • Hi Dillonsmum,

    I had some issues with dressings on my PICC line, but the nurse just tried different kinds until one worked! It may be you have already been down this route! 

  • Hi DillonsMum,

    My wife seems to be allergic to the glue used in pretty much every dressing! Her nurse tried Cavilon, which you apply before putting on the dressing, and she hasn't had an issue since!

    It's this stuff: https://www.medisave.co.uk/3m-cavilon-no-sting-barrier-film-pack-of-5.html

    She uses the lollypop ones, and re-seals them so they can be used multiple times.



  • Thank you both. I had treatment today and the nurse said try again with leaving the dressing off. We left it uncovered during treatment and it was noticeably less red when the treatment finished. I now have the line coiled and secured with a couple of straps of Tegederm. Will ask about Cavilon next time I am in.