zoledronic acid

I'm about to start having zoledronic acid infusions next month and then every 3 months. Instead of Denosumab every month. Is anyone else having this and how are you feeling?. Is there any side effects I should look out for?.

  • Hi Srensaalbird

    i have been put on ZA 6 weeks ago and start my 2nd next Monday. I have infusion every 6 weeks or as long as I can tolerate it seems. My main se was fatigue and aches. For me I think it was mild but 2 days I did nt plan to do much and then by Thursday they’d eased. Mind you I’m on anastrozole which has similar se for me. I felt ok ish then that Saturday I had covid!! First time and was miserable!

    the cannular was ok too. Some others on this forum have had similar se. I can let you know how next Mondays se are? Be good to write down how I feel anyway.


  • Hi Jayhay

    Thanks for letting me know, hopefully things won't be too bad. I'm also having my Zolodex injection at the same time, that also was monthly.

    I'd would be interested to know if you feel any different after you 2nd one in Monday.

    Hope you weren't too poorly with covid.

    Strensallbird x

  • I was given 2 paracetamol 1 hour before the infusion but then had to wait an hour, so I time it to take at home now. 

  • Ooh thank you, I'll do that. How are you feeling after your treatment on Monday?

  • Wasn’t me having treatment Monday.  Due another infusion the first week of June but it’s been an odd few weeks, treatment was up in the air, All resolved now but the infusion will be delayed.  Thé water and paracetamol really does work for me, went in totally unprepared first time and spent 5 days in bed feeling very very ill - worst headache ever, leg pains and cramps, vomiting, diahorrea.  Never want to repeat that i f I can  help it!! 

  • Hi strensallbird

    it was me having infusion on Monday! Feeling better than I was, fatigue, aches, pain in my spine and some nausea. BUT nothing like mickyw first infusion. I had paracetamol ready and I drink quite a lot. 4th day feeling more like myself. Mine is every 6 weeks

  • Ah, it was different the 2nd time, nausea and sudden pain on my spine where the metastasis is, paracetamol sorted that. The afternoon of infusion I had a nap, I only have one when unwell!

    next one in 5 weeks.


    would you mind telling me why you had ZA monthly? I thought 6 w was frequent. How many have you had and how long will you have them?


  • Hi mickyw 

    Fingers crossed I don't have bad side effects like you had. I'm very lucky at the moment, as I don't really get any side effects from the drugs I'm on, apart from the hot flushes.

  • Hi Jayhay

    Oh dear, I hope you're feeling better. I kind off wish they weren't changing me on to it, after hearing about you and mickyw not being too well after, but I suppose we are all different. I hope I'm not too bad x

  • I’m not too bad and been on slower walks yesterday and today. Helps shake everything off so to speak. Paracetamol certainly helps & drinking… 

    you can only try and let us know strensallbird. What meds are you on?

    Let us know when you start!