Mets spread to brain now - Advise much needed please re chemo / treatment.

Recent MRI with contrast shows new lesions in my brain (Cerebellum). I desperately need advise from anyone in similar situation please. What treatment did you have, has it shrunk tumours, anything.

I’ve been advised to have Capecitabine chemo but I wondered if this was the best course of action or if there’s any other chemo / radiotherapy that may be better/less side effects etc.

Can anyone please help?

Many Thanks

  • Hi, I’m sorry to hear this and don’t have experience of this.

    but I thought I’d respond to bump this up and maybe someone with more experience can help. 

    Not knowing much, It sounds like your team can treat it with Capecitabine. Do you have a breast cancer nurse you can talk to, as they can run you through all the options also. 

  • Hi Lucifer

    i was diagnosed with this in October 2019/. I was first put on Palbociclib with Letrozole, but it did now work and I got more brain lesions. However I wa switched to Capecetibine and this has been working well with every scan showing the lesions have reduced in size. So I think you have every reason to feel confident about this treatment being effective. 
    good luck with it all. 

  • I should Lao have said I had radiotherapy to my brain and this was also effective. However the radiotherapy made me very fatigued. Be prepared for that. 

  • Thank you for the reply & sorry for late response. Things have changed a bit since then. I’ve tried Capecitabine & it didn’t work, then they tried Paclitaxol got an allergic reaction so had to put me onto Abraxane the latest MRI with contrast shoes the tumor although initially it was thought to be lots of little lesions in the Cerebellum like you, mine unfortunately turns out to be a bigger a tumour in the brain where they can’t get to. It’s now gone to my local MDT meeting to be discussed further see if the next course of chemo Eribulin is the right course or action. 

    Hope you’re doing ok with your treatment & you take care. 

  • I am so sorry to her the Capecetibine did not work for you. That must have been a big blow. I do hope that your team can find. Way forward that will be effective. They usually seem to have ideas about. How to manage next steps. 
    let me know how you get on, I am sending positive vibes for yiu. 

    I am doing OKnthanks  plodding on!