can't decide.

My secondary bc has migrated from  lung to liver.  I've been advised to restart Herceptin an Tamoxifen, and if that isn't working chemotherapy.  My dilemma is that I had very little tolerance of these drugs last time and it's difficult to think it will be different this time.  So, I can spend the next few months being sick and miserable, to gain a few more months, or not have any treatment at all.  I'm quite weak and fatigued at the moment and I don't think that will improve and can't face the Tamoxifen.  I'm thinking about alternative ways to deal with this but I'm just numb and can't think logically and have nobody to discuss this with.  I'd appreciate your input.

  • Dear bymylone, your note breaks my heart. I feel so much for you, and I can understand the feeling when you just want to stop fighting. But why don't you try Herceptin and Tamoxifen just for a couple of months? It might be different this time? If you feel totally rotten, then you might decide to stop, but at least give it a go. (I was on Tamoxiden for five years and had very little side effects, but of course we are all different). Sending warm, healing thoughts your way.

  • Dear Veronique, Thank you so much for your kind words.  They have helped me to focus.  It's so easy to get on that downward spiral and so hard to get off.  

  • Yes, and being told to be positive doesn't always help. Be kind to yourself and try to enjoy the little things. Big hug.

  • Dear Bymalone.

    I've just joined the forum having been diagnosed with secondaries to skin and lungs, 20 years after initial BC.

    I am thinking the same as you, whether or not to go with treatment again. Oncologist said treatment is better than 20 years ago, and I'll have chemo tablets instead of IV I had before.

    I wondered if you made a decision about treatment and how it's been going the last few months? 

    Really hope you're okay and doing well x