Do they automatically remove lymph nodes?

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Just a general questionwhich may make me sound clueless!
I’ve finished chemo and had an MRI and will meet with the surgeon next week to discuss my surgery. My question is when diagnosed I had a lump and nothing had spread to my lymph nodes. I am just wondering when they come to do a lumpectomy do they tend to remove lymph nodes to check? 

  • Hi, with me, even though my chemo showed the lump had shrunk, during my lumpectomy they took one lymph node for testing. I assume this is pretty standard practice but might differ from person to person.   Best wishes for your surgery

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  • Normally the Santana news de they inject a radioactive substance (not harmful) near the nipple on the day or day before the op this highlights the sentinel node which they remove for pathology it’s not always done every case is different but if they have to it’s a small scar under the arm and not to sore hope that helps good luck x

  • I had lumpectomy, just over 2 weeks ago, the surgeon managed to get at my lymph nodes through the lumpectomy cut, so only have the one cut on my boob. I didn't know he was doing that, but it's made recovery easier x

  • They go for sentinel node via blue dye or radioactive isotopes. Depending on where your lump is , might access through breast or separate excision in armpit , like mine . I have a scar but it’s healing well . 

  • Thanks    and  your responses have been really helpful. I’m seeing the surgeon next week so will ask then, but I like to kind of have an idea in advance.