Still Very sore after Radiotherapy

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Hi All, I had a lumpsectomy and mammoplasty in September  so 10 months ago - September 2023. ER PR positive so hormonal type , invasive - Yes, Tumour was 1.6 mm and then 2 other parts in the same breast  but different areas of DCIS. Quite a big Operation to be honest as all spread out.

Followed by intense radiotherapy treatment for 5 days (so sandwiched into 5 days) December 2023

Started Tamoxifen in January 2024 so been on it about 6 months

I am still so sore and my breast is still so Hot and enflamed!

Has anyone else experienced these kind of side effects 6/7 months down the line from Radiotherapy.??

Any comments appreciated.

Thank you


  • Hi Fizzler

    I suggest that you contact your breast care nurse about the hotness of your breast and while I'm no expert, I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be hot and enflamed six months down the line.

    Best wishes


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  • Hi 

    I had radiotherapy in Dec 23 x9 sessions and my breast is sore and hard at times , it’s not hot but painful I put it down to side effects from radio . 

  • Hi Fizzler 

    That sounds very uncomfortable! 
    I finished 25 sessions of radiotherapy one month ago and my breast is still discolored with very dry skin , but no hotness or inflammation. I was advised to put moisturizer 3 times a day which has helped , but maybe a visit to your nurse is a good idea . 

    take care , I hope you get this sorted .