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Hi I'm due surgery tomorrow for lumpectomy and node removal. I had a small cut on my knuckle I did last Thursday, it's healed over but I'm scared I might knock it and open the cut and they will cancel the operation. My heart is pounding and feel so anxious.

  • Hi Daveday

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling anxious about them cancelling the tomorrow's operation because of a small cut on my knuckle. What you are feeling is perfectly natural. I'm pretty sure however that they won't cancel the operation if you reopen the cut.  I suggest that you put a plaster over it to protect it which hopefully put your mind at rest.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your surgery tomorrow.

    Best wishes


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  • Thank you so much Daisy53.  When the nurse rang earlier to go through tomorrow one thing she asked was about cuts I said no as it's healed but was then worried it might open. Roll on 7 am tomorrow 

  • Hi

    I don't know anything about cuts and surgery but I see that you are feeling anxious and just wanted to send you a hug and wish you well. X

  • Wishing you well on your surgery.  I know it is stressful but once tomorrow comes you will get settled in and be glad the day has come as then you can look forward to recovering.  Hugs to you.


  • Thank you, I've been so stressed the operation would be cancelled due to a small cut days old and healing. It's been a stressful afternoon. I'll be so happy once I'm in tomorrow and know it's going ahead. It's been a dreadful time since breast cancer confirmed on 13th May as you all will know so well. Thank you so much again for your best wishes 

  • Oh how I remember the stress and anxiety so well.  I knew it wouldn’t help me but my mind was all over the place and I just couldn’t get my mind to turn off.  It does get so much better after surgery etc.  I had radiation too and now on anastrazole for 3 more years.  I guess I just kept moving along.  I am a retired RN too so very difficult to be a patient!!

    Take care and you are up late.  Sleep well.


  • Thank you Redc. I'm home and all went well. It's such a relief and taking one hurdle at a time. All that extreme worry yesterday over the operation being cancelled due to my old cut on my knuckle was unbelievable. Every member of staff were excellent. The NHS are lucky to have such caring, dedicated, kind people. I'm so grateful my husband has as allowed to stay until I went to theatre.