Diagnosis - grade 3 lymph node stage 2 breast

I’ve been diagnosed with grade 3 in the armpit stage two in the breast
I’ve had an MRI and CT scan last week her results this Thursday 

Found the lump about a month ago went to the doctors the following day and I was in hospital having a mammogram and biopsy a few days later it’s about 1.5 centimetres 

My mind is an overdrive any ache or pain I think it’s something to do with the cancer, I’m very anxious and it’s unknown that’s getting me Down

The breast service has said that they want to do chemotherapy 1st to shrink the tumour, then to do surgery

Is anyone else in my position?

  • Hi, I was in a similar position a couple of years ago. I had chemo then surgery then radiotherapy.   You can click on my name to read a bit more about my story.   I think the early days when you're first diagnosed but don't have a clear treatment plan or timeline is the most difficult.  Try to keep yourself busy and distracted, and don't hesitate to call the lovely folks at Macmillan on 0800 808 0000 if you want to chat anything through. Best wishes 

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  • I have grade 3 invasive ductual breast cancer oestrogen positive and her2 positive. My plan was chemo then surgery and radiotherapy, plus I have phesgo injections until September. I have done 5/6 cycles of chemo, I will not be receiving my last one due to blood clot in right atrium of heart and waiting on date for surgery but waiting on follow up for blood clot. You will have periods when you are feeling up and down its only natural, just take one day at a time, one appointment at a time and one treatment at a time.

  • Does that mean grade 3 in armpit 

  • Wow I’ve just read your story you are very brave and I take my hat off to you xx

  • All I was told grade 3, didn't say which bit referring to I assume the main lump and then was staged at 2b, it has gone into at least 2 lymph nodes, grade 3 is to do with the normality or abnormalities of the tumour and and how fast growing, the stage is to do with size of tumour and if it has gone into lymph nodes and how many. 

  • What has been your treatment ? Has ot spread at


  • Hi, My plan was ec-t chemo x 6, and also phesgo injections for a year as I'm her2 positive, I will then have surgery and radiotherapy. So far I have hasd 3 x ec and 2 docetaxel, when started docetaxel I then started phesgo injections. My last docetaxel has been cancelled due to having blood clot in my heart and injections put on hold, only had mri last week so waiting on results for that to see how I have responded to chemo, the 1st mri I had showed there was no spread but that was at beginning of treatment, so still away to go 

  • So you’ve started chemo? How’s it going x

  • Chemo has finished, went ok minimal side effects for me just nausea and tired fir 1st 2 cycles, 3rd was OK, 4th cycle no side effects, 5th cycle just nausea day after. Lost about 80% of hair and eyelashes and most of eyebrows, and other bodily hair x