Mammogram came back clear but not CT scan

  1. Hi All, I am wondering who has had a mammogram that has come back clear but found out via CT scan that a lump has been detected. I have had a CT scan with contrast for another issue which has detected a nodule . However a week later on a routine breast screening mammogram I have received a letter which states all clear of cancer. I am a little concerned that nothing was picked up on mammogram. I have been back to GP who is referring me to a breast clinic but wondering if anyone else has had this? I am 54 and have a fairly big busy. 
  • Hi and sorry to hear this. I have learned a lot from this site and the biggest thing being about dense breasts. I am now aware that with dense breasts some things are not always picked up and only via further investigations as in ultrasound can detect them. It seems that this is also possible via CT scan as you have advised. I would be thankful this has been seen and correct referral made, however, await further investigations. This site is very helpful and there may be someone who has experienced the same. X 

  • So true about dense breasts but 3 d technology has helped some it is often not enough. The dense tissue looks white and calcifications etc also look white do like trying to see things in a thick forest.  I believe that 40-50% of women dense breasts too, me included.  
    Ultrasounds and MRI are being used more too.  
    it is always hard to think there is something else going on but early detection is key.  


  • I hope all goes well with your visit and that the nodule is very small.  I know it must be like a kick in the gut right now.  Hugs to you. 


  • Hi Safeangel, I have everything crossed for you that results turn out to be clear from cancer. My lobular cancer was not detected on my mammogram but on ultrasound scan , so it does happen. It’s good that if it is anything they have caught it early. Sending best wishes xx 

  • I found a lump and had scan and positive biopsy the MRI also picked up another area yet the 2 mammograms didn’t find it. 

  • Thankyou I have an appointment at the breast clinic on the 14th November so hopefully it will all be ok or if not at least I can move forward. 

  • Hello, I was just diagnosed with a 5cm tumour despite 3 clear mammograms in the last 4 years. I wondered if it was to do with density as I'm very big, but a couple of nurses have told me that it's more to do with the position: near the chest wall. It was a bit of a shock.