August 2023 starters - updates anyone?

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Hi how is everyone doing?

Some of you may already have started the next phase if treatment,  possibly Docetaxel etc. 

With me starting chemo at the end of August, I am just past cycle 2 of EC and thought I'd check in to see if any of you lovely lot wanted to share updates, side effects, hints and tips, as it's been / gone a little quiet.

So for me, first cycle was definitely unpleasant with the nausea & first week of no energy, no appetite, no sleep etc.

Hair pretty much all gone by day 15 on 1st cycle.

After 1st week, I improved quickly day by day.

2nd cycle was much better with an additional stronger anti sickness, Aprepitant (I think) so it felt more manageable.

I am just on day 3 of Filgrastim injections so starting to get over the 1st week side effects, and now on the way back to a bit of '' normal ''

I'd love to hear how all of the other August starters are doing!

Let us know your wellness hints and tips if you have any to share!

Take care everyone

Lisa x

  • Oh wow you had aprepitant as an anti sickness. I had that to take before my cycles of docetaxel. Think it was one day prior and two days after. Glad you are doing ok 

  • Hi Lisa 

    I started EC at the beginning of Aug had my 4th last week was delayed by 9 days unfortunately as ended up with neutropenia and in hosp for a short stay .  Had been doing so well too , back on track now due to Start pacitaxil next week . My hair started falling out after 2nd cycle so made the decision just to shave it off tbh which has kind off made it easier rather than seeing it all come out .  Feeling the chill of the cooler days now lol x 

    All the best 

  • Welcome to the neutropenia club. I had neutropenic sepsis after first cycle docetaxel and had a one night stay in hospital Fortunately the hospital took no chances and started antibiotics before I even had blood test results as a precaution.. fortunately I recovered well and my oncologist on seeing me face 2 face rather than normal phone consultation didn't delay my next cycle. Also because I said I didn't want to as would of put a much long for holiday that had been planned and booked before my cancer journey at risk. 

  • Aah sorry to hear you had the hospital stay, and sorry if this sounds ignorant - did you feel poorly, or was it picked up on blood tests?

    Definitely agree with the chill!!  I have to have either my beany hat on or blanky over me atm, can't do both as get too warm then lol!! X

  • Hi yeah felt poorly and achy all over and spiked a temp , had a few days of IV abx in hospital and recovered quickly after,  they didn’t find a cause for the temp as such just neutropenic x hopefully a one off x

    beanies defo the way forward ;-)

  • That’s good you got back on track quickly ;-)

  • They didn't find a cause for my neutropenic sepsis either was put down to the chemo so oncologist reduced dose next cycle

  • Yes I was lucky. My bloods came back to normal within 24 hours. I was at white blood count 0.5 on admission and 5 when I went home

  • Hi Hartley,

    did the 4th AC similar to EC but the last one threw me, i am on a week delay because the port scar is not healing properly and have had high heart rate for the last week, stand up and heart races and head aches, no temp tho. so been sitting a lot the last week. bloods were ok but doc said a week delay to see if it settles, its been a horrible week tbh, so stressed and anxious and mouth sores, thankfully they gave me a gingivitis mouthwash which seems to be working Fingers crossed

    so taxol next week maybe, hopefully with the time will feel better, do feel a bit better today Fingers crossed

    health tip is keep and eye on mouth as sores are terrible. eat lots of veggies

  • See if they can give you additional meds to stop the sores. I was given lanzoprazol I think to take about ten days into my cycle