August 2023 starters - updates anyone?

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Hi how is everyone doing?

Some of you may already have started the next phase if treatment,  possibly Docetaxel etc. 

With me starting chemo at the end of August, I am just past cycle 2 of EC and thought I'd check in to see if any of you lovely lot wanted to share updates, side effects, hints and tips, as it's been / gone a little quiet.

So for me, first cycle was definitely unpleasant with the nausea & first week of no energy, no appetite, no sleep etc.

Hair pretty much all gone by day 15 on 1st cycle.

After 1st week, I improved quickly day by day.

2nd cycle was much better with an additional stronger anti sickness, Aprepitant (I think) so it felt more manageable.

I am just on day 3 of Filgrastim injections so starting to get over the 1st week side effects, and now on the way back to a bit of '' normal ''

I'd love to hear how all of the other August starters are doing!

Let us know your wellness hints and tips if you have any to share!

Take care everyone

Lisa x

  • Yes, is that unusual then do you think?

    It worked so well I wouldn't like to go without it lol.

    Does it have other uses?

    Chemo wise I have 2 more EC, then 4 Docetaxel to follow xx

  • It's very difficult to say for each individual what will or won't work. I was fortunate I didn't have a lot of sickness. I had dom peridone and then cyclazine but didn't use that much. Your nursing team know best so if they have given you aprepitant and it's working stick with that

  • Hiya djct, when you say threw you, can you describe in more detail , was it general poorliness, no appetite, no energy etc or was it totally different side effects.

    Sorry that it was so tough on you.

    Really hope you start to pick up soon!!

    I brush my teeth after each meal and rinse with mouthwash etc. I bought baby toothbrushes for the job and a milder paste. Thanks for that tip!

    I do eat well, I tell myself that every meal counts, so it's protein and veggies with plenty of juice/water as and when.

    Although yesterday I fancied a change and had a pizza sub with garlic bread and coleslaw. It was a little piece of heaven Heart eyes 

    Take care xx

    Lisa xx

  • Morning Lisa - glad you’re finding things more manageable Ok hand

    Like you I’m 2 cycles in on EC and other than a thick head & constipation it’s all been ok though I think my bp is up soI will mention this tomorrow when I have my pic flushed n cleaned.

    I have my last EC next week and then I switch to Docetaxel for 3 sessions.

    The day after my 2nd session my hair went matted big time - couldn’t save it so it had to be cut out - I’d already lost over 60% of it beforehand. I now have a buzz cut  - still trying to get used to it.

    I hope your next session is improved x

  • You have had same as me. Are you taking laxatives? When you have finished why don't you try biotin supplements to help hair regrowth

  • Yes I’m taking Laxido in first week after the chemo, drinking lots of water and plenty of dried prunes (I found tinned ones disgusting!) Thanks for suggesting biotin - I will earmark within Amazon aBlusha reminder Blush

  • Here's link for what I bought Biotin Hair Growth Vitamins 12,000mcg 180 Biotin Tablets Enriched with Zinc & Selenium – Hair Skin & Nails Vitamins for Women and Men High Strength Hair Vitamins Complex -UK Made by New Leaf

  • Thank you very much - I have earmarked ready Thumbsup

  • Thanks Joules52 for your reply and happy to hear things have been relatively manageable for you! 

    I too have the constipation, I forgot about that one, but it's annoying more than troublesome for me, just take a dulcolax and wait for things to happen! 

    Sorry about your hair too, for me,  although I can acknowledge our hair is a big part of who we are, I wasn't overly emotional about the loss, more matter of fact about it. I have the wisps still as you can see on the pic, so I'll just let it do its thing I guess.

    Sunday selfies with my youngest Nelson.

  • I've just added to my basket too, thanks for the tip x