Secondary Cancer

Awaiting treatment plan as its spread to my spine now

  • So sorry to hear that, sending hugs Xx

  • It's OK I just wondered if anyone has been diagnosed with the same or similar ? X

  • Hi 

    I have secondary breast cancer. I also have a hoarse voice but mine wasn't diagnosed via this. My neck lymph glands came up, I had a biopsy and they found it was secondary breast cancer.

    Since diagnosis, mine has spread to lungs, liver and spine. Currently stable in neck, liver and spine but growing slightly in lungs.

    When will you find out your treatment plan? Hopefully they will be able to sort you out soon. I think the waiting to start treatment is almost as bad as receiving the cancer diagnosis. 

    Keep posting - there is also a secondary breast cancer forum which is quieter than here but you may find others going through similar.

    Take care. 

  • So sorry you have a further fight on your hands. Does anyone know how you can detect secondary cancer, particularly if you have had a double mastectomy? Are there any whole-body detection scans or blood tests that can be requested? 

    Thanks and very best wishes and good luck xx

  • So sorry, hope your treatment goes well. I went 12 years and was diagnosed with secondaries in the spine, lungs and omentum. Was stable for two and a half years on Abemaciclib, then my scan in May showed progression in the lungs and omentum. Waiting to start Chemo in July. 

  • Hi

    I just found out mines gone to my liver and lungs after 4 months all clear.

    Feel lost but also hopeful. I’m 42 and still not had kids or been married. Gutted but I will fight it as long as I can. 

    Big hugs xx

  • Oh so sorry to hear that. Sorry to ask but how did they/you find it in your Omentum? I think I know what it is. 

  • Hi 

    Gutted to hear your news. Your updates on Larry the Lump are one of the few parts of chemo that I’m happy I still remember. Your head must be spinning. Hopefully your treatment plan will help you deal with that. Have they said when you’ll get it?  Sending you HUGS. 
    Love from the coffee fiend xxx

  • I am sorry to hear that you have another mountain to climb.  Such a sneaky disease but you are young and strong.  I hope you have a strong support system to help you.  There are so many treatments now and new ones being discovered all the time.  Keep on fighting.  Big hugs.  I am pretty new to this site. 

    1. Barbara