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Hi all

I’ve been diagnosed with ER positive/HER2 negative breast cancer and will be having surgery next Friday. Just wondering if there are any ladies on here in the same position? 


  • Hi Angela I was diagnosed in March had my operation yesterday and all went well and feel good today but a bit tired . I wish you all with your treatment I am sure it will be fine . I get my results in 3/4 weeks so will then find out if I need radiotherapy. All the best and please let me know how things go xx

  • Thanks v much. I’m surprised you had to wait so long for the surgery. I was told I would definitely need radiotherapy.  They have sent my biopsy results to America for  a DX test to see if I need chemo, but I really hope not! Do you have the same type of cancer as me? If so, what hormone tabs will you be put on afterwards? x

  • Hi Angela, 

    I had my lumpectomy and sentinels removed 4 weeks ago. I recovered well. They advised they were able to remove all the tumour.

    Mine was grade 3 so had appointment today to discuss preventative chemo. My nodes were clear which us great but because if the grade they want to give some chemo to ensure there are no cells in my blood.

    Then I will move onto radiotherapy and hormone suppressants.

    Feeling more positive now. It's great what they can do now.

    Good luck with your op xx

  • Dear Angela,

    I was diagnosed with Her2+ breast cancer in Nov 2023. I'm having my operation (lumpectomy) very soon. I had the chemo first. Hoping it all goes well for you. Where all here routing for each other. 

    I'm sure it will go well. 

  • Hi

    Didn’t you have a DX test to determine whether you need chemo? Do you have the same type of cancer as me ie ER positive/HER2 negative ? 

    i definitely won’t have chemo unless the DX test suggests I should have it. 


  • I didn't have DX test that I'm aware of. They said my margin was 25 because it's above 21 I need the chemo, as preventative as mine is fast growing. My tumour was 4cm and had broken off into the breast tissue. Sorry I'm not great with all the terminology.

    My initial plan was lumpectomy and sentinels removed then radiotherapy and hormone suppressants. However because of above they can't guarantee some cells are not in my bloodstream. Probably because it was starting to break up and fast growing.

    They told me they had removed it all but could not guarantee it not returning hence the need for the chemo now.

    We all have different but similar treatment plans. Sorry if my explanation not clear. Hopefully yours will go to plan xx

  • Hi Angela

    I was diagnosed invasive ductal cancer ER positive/HER 2 negative in May. I had my lumpectomy and node removal tuesday. Results in 3-4 weeks, they have suggested radiotherapy and 5 years hormone therapy. 

  • Hi

    thanks for the explanation and I understand now. How are you feeling about the chemo?  So sorry that you are having to have chemo x