Preventative bilateral mastectomy

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Hi there, 

  1. This year I made the decision to send off my family history notes to Womens Health to look into my risk at developing C in later years. 
    It came back as high risk, and I was recommended getting yearly mammograms from the age of 40. 
    However, the breast consultant at my local Hospital called me into their clinic, I assume after reading my records. So it turns out that I can have a bilateral mastectomy and prevent my chances by up to 90%. I was a bit shocked initially but having thought about it now for a week, it’s something I just need to do. I have a young family, this is important, despite the fear of surgery and recovery. I would also reduce the daily struggle of anxiety. 
    However, the waiting list is well over 3 years. Now I know I am at risk I am wanting to explore all my options. One of which is, could I address this earlier? Can I go down the private route? What are the costs? What clinic? What consultant? 
    I just don’t know where to start, I don’t know anyone having gone through this before… any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you 
  • Hi Hj0907. welcome to the forum. Im not sure if anyone will be able to answer as fully as you need in here. However, MacMillan have a buddy service and could maybe match you up to someone who has experience of this for you to chat with. Alternatively you could give the Macmillan Helpline a call and have a chat with one of the advisors there who may be able to direct you to the right person to chat with re this for you. Information is power and its good to be as well informed as you can be. Macmillan Line 08088080000.  


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