EC x 3 now going onto 12 weekly of Pacilitaxel with Carboplatin 3 weekly

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all doing well.

I have just completed my 3 x 3weekly EC and feel I have coped well most of the time.

Chemo on Friday, rough days Sat and Sun, mainly back to normal on the Monday.

Rough days I felt nauseous even with the meds, no energy, lack of concentration, lack of appetite and just wanted my bed.

I am now thinking how am I going to cope with weekly sessions.  Anyone else currently on the same chemo regime?

I have had the cold cap for the last 3 treatments, but am nearly at the point of losing 70% of my hair, so think I will go for the shaved look!! I never realised how cold my head would be without hair.  As I type this, I am sat indoors with a hat on!!

Positive thoughts to everyone


  • Hi, just joined the fb group, but it’s currently showing pending. 

    it would be great to see what your wigs looks like? Have you gone similar to your normal style or completely different. 

    my lump was 11mm, and at both oncology appointments, she said it felt like it had shrunk. Fingers crossed for my scan on the 11th May


  • Hi, that’s good to hear you are getting through your treatment plan. did you have any side effects at all?

    it’s surprising how are bodies cope with having all this put in us!

    Hopefully EC will be fine for you, and just wright off the two days afterwards, and have plenty of rest  


  • Hi, 

    The pic top left was my highlighted hair before thinning, the one without fringe is the NHS one, this was most like my own but it is a lot thicker and full on blonde, it is good quality, maybe a little shiny, but I think I read using a leave in shampoo can dull that a bit. I have a side parting and it hangs a little heavy. The other 2 were from SHEIN  and bought for a “what the hell, let’s have a look” they are actually quite good, not heavy and feel comfortable. Dark because it’s close to my natural colour but the blonde feels closest to how it was although style different like I’ve just had a restyle. 

    i hope your Pic line is ok, was it offered or did you ask? 

  • ,

    They look great. I might have to do a little research on the Shein website. 

    Like you have said, the one wig I have, which the NHS guided me to the, is much thicker, and my hair has always been thin. The fringe is also going to need some training. 

    My veins were a little dodgy, and I asked for the PICC line and they agreed. I would highly recommend it, if you had the option. The only thing is if you like swimming, you can’t. They give you a plRofltic sleeve to put on for showers. I went away a couple of weeks ago for the weekend, and even sat in the hot tub with my arm out RoflRofl

    have a good day


  • Hi Sandrad,

    I hope you are keeping well.   I am new to this group but wanted to let you know how I have gotten on so far.  Diagnosed in Nov 21 with HER2+.  Had 4 cycles of EC and coped well and I have just completed my 12 weekly cycles of Pacilitaxel with herception given every 3rd week.    Like you I was worried out moving to weekly cycles and how I would cope.   Firstly, gone were all the post drugs following EC and that was quite liberating.   I had to stay in the oncology dept for approx 6 hours on my first visit but after that its usually a couple of hours.  During the 12 weeks my hair has started to grow back too and the 12 weeks seem to have gone very quickly it wasn't as scary as I thought, hope this helps.

    Wishing you all the very best Slight smile

    I will be due to have surgery in the next 4 to 5 weeks.   Wishing everyone well x

  • Hi Bego1

    Sorry for the delay in replying, I have been away and mobile reception was not good for communicating.

    Thank you for letting me know how you got on with the weekly Paclitaxel.  I presume as no medication to take home, feeling nauseous is not a common side effect?

    I have in my mind planned a long day on the ward for my first on Friday, so let’s see how things go. 

    Are you due a lumpectomy or Mastectomy? I am due a lumpectomy in September.  Ultrasound today to see how the tumour has changed in size.

    fingers crossed and good luck with your surgery.


  • Hi Ladies,

    just came across this chat & thought I would join in as I am at around the same stage as you also.

    I have just completed 4 cycles of EC chemo and will be starting 12 rounds of weekly paclitaxol on the 25th May. 
    I have coped Ok’ish with EC mainly it was the cracking headache which was the worst, but also had mild sickness, constipation & heartburn. Today I am just about feeling human again after 4th EC a week ago.

    I am now feeling anxious about how weekly chemo will be and hoping the side effects will be much less. My oncologist said there shouldn’t be any sickness, so that’s a plus for me Blush He also can no longer feel the 5cm lump I started with, so I have an MRI on the 23rd May to check this out ….. makes the last 12 weeks worth it.

    Would love to hear how you are getting on with weekly treatments & hoping your side effects are minimal.

    Sending best wishes & hugs xx 

  • Hi DreamA

    I will let you know after Friday how the first session went. 

    that’s brilliant news about about the reduction in the size of the lump. Let’s hope after my ultrasound this morning, I have the same news. The oncologist did say at the last two appointments that she believed it was shrinking. 

    Happy Wednesday x

  • Best of luck with the ultrasound today Sandrad

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a great response to the EC ….. it does seem like it does its job well. 

    Let us know how you get on xx

  • Wow your hair looks amazing, I spent a fortune on one and it looks know where’re near as good as yours. How long did they take to come from Shein ?