EC x 3 now going onto 12 weekly of Pacilitaxel with Carboplatin 3 weekly

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all doing well.

I have just completed my 3 x 3weekly EC and feel I have coped well most of the time.

Chemo on Friday, rough days Sat and Sun, mainly back to normal on the Monday.

Rough days I felt nauseous even with the meds, no energy, lack of concentration, lack of appetite and just wanted my bed.

I am now thinking how am I going to cope with weekly sessions.  Anyone else currently on the same chemo regime?

I have had the cold cap for the last 3 treatments, but am nearly at the point of losing 70% of my hair, so think I will go for the shaved look!! I never realised how cold my head would be without hair.  As I type this, I am sat indoors with a hat on!!

Positive thoughts to everyone


  • Hi, 

    I can’t  help but I am one step behind you, 3rd EC next Thursday.

    One day a time we can do this xxx

  • We can, and will. 

    Good luck with next Thursday


  • How are you copying?

  • I’m doing ok,

    Some side effects, upset tummy, fatigue, few aches and pains but mostly good. Cording in my arm from first Chemo still painful. I’m not so tired with round 2 but not counting my chickens for an easy ride each round. It’s an emotional roller coaster and with other life stuff it’s hard to think straight some days but it will get better, I’m counting my blessings. 

    I’ve lost about 50% volume on my hair and conscious of it, I picked up NHS wig on Monday and got 2 in post today and tbh I’m impressed with the 2 I got from SHEIN.

    What type if Bc do you have? 

  • I have triple negative, with 2 nodes affected.

    I had a PICC line put in but this has got blocked!! They can still do Chemo through it, but no blood will come out for blood tests.  Now have to use the other arm for blood.  

    I am due surgery for a lumpectomy and removal of the nodes beginning of September, followed by 3 weeks of radiotherapy.

    What about yours?

    Do you have to have op and  radiotherapy?


  • Hi Sandrad  -

    I have just had my third EC this week and am feeling the same as you.  Brain fog has quickly caught up with me but managing to do light activities.  I also go on to weekly sessions from 17th May and I am wondering how I will cope (have 9 sessions in total(.  During my first 2 EC I had the cold cap but I have lost alot of hair so not doing it now.  Although I think it has helped me to keep a good proportion of hair up to now with some light bald patches on the top.  I have had my hair cut very short from long but I quite like it so all good.   It will grow back at some point.  Would be good to hear how people cope with the weekly sessions.  I have read mixed reports about it.  

    stay strong and all the best


  • Hi, 

    It's good to chat with others that are going through similar treatment.

    I think losing my hair is going to hit harder than I thought, but we will all get through this tough time.

    I am not normally a hat person, but several ordered today to use along with my wig.  Wigs are so good these days.

    I did see someone else comment on here a few months ago, who was having the same drugs over 12 weeks.  I know everyone will react differently, but she said she hardly noticed any side affects when it was a Pacil week, and when the Carbo was added, felt tired on day 4.

    I am hoping that may be the case for us Slight smile

    All the best too and keep us updated as how you go


  • I’m triple negative too, was 3 cm lump, I had scan this week and it has shrunk to around 1.3cm, so glad the Chemo juice is doing it’s job. I will be doing 12 pax, Lumpectomy depending on Gene results and Radiotherapy but don’t know how many of those yet. I found my lump at the beginning of February and so glad I didn’t put it off as a cyst! 

    I think I’m going to pop some wig pics up on there. 

    im interested to know how your Pac goes, I’m reading mixed reviews. 

  • Hi, i did reply but for some reason it’s not showing. 

    I’m Triple negative too, was 3cm but recent scan indicates it’s 1.3cm so Chemo juice is doing its job. 

    I am have EC, 12 pax, lumpectomy depending on Gene testing results and radiotherapy. 

    I might post some pics of the wigs I got today, they are really good for the money. I’m not there yet but if I lose much more hair I may brave the shave. 

    I’ve read so many mixed things about Pax, but then all this is unknown territory for us all. 


  • Hi  I'm the opposite way round I'm half way through palaxital and in another 6 weeks 4 cycles of EC  I have been fine up to now I hope it's the same for you I'm dreading the EC x