Recently diagnosed, having surgery on Wednesday

Hi, diagnosed 2 weeks ago with Mucinous breast cancer, plan is a lumpectomy on Wednesday, followed later by radiotherapy.

I have been asked to consider joining a trial, if I do, depending on my tissue results it may mean not having the radiotherapy.

Ive been researching information tonight, but conflicting information about whether having radiotherapy or not is best. Anyone been in a similar situation?

    • Not personally,  but I remember a woman on here who had some small area of a different cancer found after surgery,  so had standard treatment in the end. if it is "only' mucinous it's a lot less aggressive than other types usually.
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  • Hi CVM. I don’t know about the trial but just wanted to say good luck for you op. A couple of us who have Mucinous had our ops yesterday. Hope it all goes well for you. Good luck xx

  • Hi Imarah, how are you feeling after your operation, I hope all went well.

    Big hugs

    Diane x

  • Hi Diane. I’m ok thank you. I’ma little sore and feel tired but I’ve done my exercises and walked around the block of our estate so I think that’s good. 
    The consultant said it had gone well so it’s just the long wait now for the results. I’m going to try to keep positive but I can’t help being anxious like I know we all are. 
    thank you for thinking of me xxx

  • Hi Imarah. I was thinking about you too and wondered how you got on.  Glad you got through the op OK as I knew you were worried. Wow, I couldn't walk around the block the next day so sounds like you are doing well. Careful not to do too much too soon though and I hope you have someone looking after you. x

  • Hi yes my husband is a real support. Paying for my walk today lol as I feel shattered ! 
    had my feet up for the rest of today. ! 
    how are you doing? x

  • Glad you’re feeling ok, I’m nearly 2 weeks post op and still have 2 weeks for my results, trying my best not to think about it, which is hard at times but trying to stay positive.

    Take care


  • Glad to hear it Imarah.  I had a telephone consultation with the oncologist yesterday who told me I will be having just 5 sessions of Radiotherapy in 3 to 4 weeks time. Also will be starting Letrozole tablets straight away.  So I'm going to take advantage of the break between appointments to go away for a few days with my other half. We both need a change of scenery.

  • Hi, thank you for your good wishes. Op went as well and I feel good this morning just tired but no pain which is amazing. I will get my results in 2 weeks. I have received the most amazing care from Clatterbridge Hospital. I have signed up to the ‘Primetime’ trial. I hope you are doing okay and get positive news of your results.

  • Good to hear op went well CVM. I wish you a speedy recovery and am intrigued about the trial.