Recently diagnosed, having surgery on Wednesday

Hi, diagnosed 2 weeks ago with Mucinous breast cancer, plan is a lumpectomy on Wednesday, followed later by radiotherapy.

I have been asked to consider joining a trial, if I do, depending on my tissue results it may mean not having the radiotherapy.

Ive been researching information tonight, but conflicting information about whether having radiotherapy or not is best. Anyone been in a similar situation?

  • Hope you have s lovely few days away. I get the change of scenery before you do your radio. Hope the Letrozole goes well xx

  • Thank you. Day 3 post op I feel I am doing really well but can’t believe how tired I am. The trial is a study looking at women who have a small risk of their cancer returning to see if they need to have radiotherapy. I won’t know if I actually go into the trial until I get my results in approximately 2 weeks.

  • Glad you’re doing ok after your op. Apart from being tired and joking like a rainbow I’m doing ok too. They didn’t mention any trial to me but as in an oldie maybe I’m not suitable. 
    i just can’t wait for my results. I expect we’re all the same. X

  • Good to hear you are doing okay, yep I have awesome rainbow colouring to. I had my dressings removed this morning, never felt anything. If you google ‘Primetime trial’ you will find a little information on it. I hope all goes well for you.

  • Hello 

    Did you have to attend hospital for your biopsy results as that’s quick from diagnosis to lumpectomy ? Hope you recover well xx

  • I’ll take a look at the trial you’ve mentioned. I’m feeling ok. Still a bit tired in the evenings but apart from that I’m not bad. 
    I can’t wait for my results though. It’s such hard going. My dressing is still hanging in there and I’ve been told not to remove it unless absolutely necessary. Glad yours went ok. Let me know how you do xx

  • Hi hope you’re doing ok.  
    I was lucky I think. My surgeon had a space and although she said I could wait I just grabbed the opportunity to get it done. I didn’t even think about it xx