Mirena coil and estrogen positive breast cancer

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Question about having the mirena taken out

after being diagnosed my surgeon told me to stop hrt (totally get that) and suggested I take out my coil

i get on super well with my mirena , it’s stopped my irregular heavy painful peri menopausal periods. I really could deal without dealing with the return of those on top of everything else

the BCN just told me I could keep it in

advice seems very unclear on dr google

I’ve got lumpectomy, radiotherapy and hormone treatment coming


just wondered what you guys were doing?

  • Hi c22 welcome to the forum. Im not sure if my response is going to be of much use as I was post menopausal when I had oestrogen positive breast cancer. Fast forward 5 years and I now have a mirena coil inserted delivering progesterone only for post menopausal bleeding. I know they checked with the breast team before insertion..is it worth having a chat to see what type of mirena you have in and could this be changed based on your pathology results? X


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  • Hi c22

    I had my mirena coil taken out before my lumpectomy and fingers crossed I have had no adverse effects from the removal yet and I stopped the HRT. Just go with what right feels for you unless they say it is absolutely necessary for your surgery, treatment or recovery. 

    Thinking of you x

  • Hi , I have a mirena coil and my oncologist said it was ok to keep mine , not due to have it removed or changed for 2 years . I’m just started radiotherapy yesterday (5 sessions ) and start tamoxifen on Wednesday . I really didn’t want coil out as I’ve not bled for 17 years so didn’t want to start bleeding again at this age , but I suppose it’s a waiting game to see how I get on on these tablets too . all the very best and take it easy after op and do the exercises they give you they help so much xx 

  • thanks so much for the replies

    yes currently very pleased to still have it in. Could do without big periods on top of everything else 

    has operation yesterday so far totally fine. Very early days and guess I still have local in! But really fine so far.

    oddly no one seems to know (or care!) of my tumour is progesterone sensitive. I’ll have to ask oncologist who I have not yet seen (only surgeon)  

    reallt hope the meds go well for you - oddly I think that’s the bit I most worry about. Other things are all quite short term you know??

    Question - did at any point anyone test any of you guys for where you are at menopause wise? I’ve no idea but I think I’d like to know pre going on meds?

  • Mmmmm few typos there - let’s blame the excellent pain killers!

  • Hi glad op went ok . I had a blood test to see if I was pre or post menopausal as I don’t have periods due to coil . Mine came back pre/peri so was given tamoxifen I start them tommoz , my oncologisTadatold me to start taking them after radiotherapy finished and that finished today Tada. I think some ppl start pills before radiotherapy but my oncologist said with extra side affects from pills I could leave them till after radio . Hope all goes well with you . X 

  • I hope you feel ok after the radio??

    keen to know how you get on with the tamoxifen.

    im not just waiting for biopsy post op

    how long did most people have to wait post op for results of node biopsy etc ?

  • Hi 

    I don’t feel too bad after radio , bit sore but I’m using tons of moisturiser off dr and it helps loads . I waited 3 weeks for results of lymph node biopsy and then had to wait a further 4 weeks as some cells were found in lymph node so had to be sent to America where they score it out of 100 as to see if I need chemo . It came back low (under 25 ) so didn’t need it .. the wait between results is horrible but I just tried to stay positive and getting back to work after op helped me take my mind off it . 

  • This is exactly where I’m at now. Cancer found in 1/4 lymph’s so suddenly there’s talk of chemotherapy, up until now it’s been radiotherapy then hormone therapy “only”

    so now I’m on the long wait for the oncotype testing (kind of wish they’d just sent it off straight away anyway) 

    im 51…… so I think my score has to be under 25? Don’t know if 50 is just the cut off or if they move the number as you get older

    anyway having been quite chill I’m not feeling very shocked and back at square one and terrified of chemotherapy. 

    so good to hear you didn’t need to have it - so you must be nearly done maybe?? 

  • “Not” feeling shocked!

    rather AM feeling shocked!