It seems I'm a patient now!

But not a very patient one! 

I've at least got a diagnosis, it's invasive ductal cancer grade 2, but still small, oestrogen receptive but looks as if I might get away with the lymph nodes....and maybe not too much treatment afterwards? 

Complex plan, but to begin with, a sentinel node (plus another one or so) removal as day surgery, (a nuclear medicine visit first to get 'the jab' for them to trace) then a gap while that,  plus the HER result come back, then because of my previous surgeries for cysts and the fact one resulted in a massive haematoma, therefore scar tissue, I will have a complete mastectomy with an implant. That will be immediately after Easter. 

By finding out as much as possible beforehand, the surgeon hopes to prevent too many operations. Obviously I will then need Tamoxifen or similar, so will appreciate helpful advice about that. 

But I'd be interested on anyone's 'take' on her plan. I feel reassured that she took time with me, and the BC nurse afterwards spent a good while too. 

Hugs xxx

  • Oh, and for anyone who hasn't 'met' me before, I've been around on the site for years as carer to our daughter who had a VERY long illness with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, so I've been hiding away in blood cancers! But was one of the very first round of Community Champions! 

    Hugs xxx



    Well a very weird welcome for you then but a heartfelt one and you know that the support etc etc is second to none.

    So guess that an extra post will help bumped you up the list.

    On a totally different path to you but ........

    Take care and be gentle with your self. It is now your time to be kind and fix yourself.


    Life is like a boxing match, defeat is declared not when you fall ..... But when you refuse to stand up again ....... So, I get knocked down but I get up again. x

  • Thank you Leolady!

    What a warm welcome!

    Hugs xxx


  • And another welcome from me

    Sounds like it's been caught early, so fingers crossed for that. The more tests they do up front the better as far as I'm concerned!! Ask awayif there's anything you need to know, there's usually someone around!! Even in the middle of the night - here - be warned it's 6500 posts long!!

    I was a bit further along - grade 3 HER2+ ER0 and 1 lymph node. Had chemo then mx, anc and implant. Now 18 months post dx.

    I had all the tests before a treatment plan was decided. CT, bone scan, biopsies............. Was going to have surgery first, then the HER2 came back, and I was in chemo a week later. Literally from GP to chemo was 6 weeks!!




  • Thanks, Karen.....

    I'm already bone-scan-sorted as I have mild osteoporosis so am already (about 4 years) into Alendronic Acid treatment. 

    But I really hope this isn't HER2+ as yes, that assumes I'll need chemo too! Mind you, I do know of the very best antinausea med because of being in the blood cancer side for so long!

    Hugs xxx


  • I'm sure the treatment will be just right for you, . The thing you will learn is that no two treatments are exactly the same, which is as it should be, because we are all different and the permutations are many and various.

    Fingers crossed on the HER2.


    I am not medically qualified, please consult your doctor or undertake your own research.

  • Thanks, Helen.  

    Surgeon seems to think very early April is fine for the mastectomy, I know it feels a while, she did wonder whether they could get me in much earlier, but having booked a few days away in a disabled-friendly converted barn, suitable for hubs, it seemed sad to miss it, and she was adamant they would work round everything to ensure we got the best possible result with as few surgeries as possible! 

    Hugs xxx


  • Ahh Moomy, stumbled across your post purely by accident as logged into full site and not HL one.   So very very sorry  to read this.  Such a scary time but you’ll be grand I’m sure.   You’ve been a tower of strength to loads of folk going through HL so time to lean a little....take care of yourself.  Big, big hugs, Dxx

  • Hey - I meant nuclear bone scan, not DEXA bone density scan..... They don't normally do that unless node positive though, and they could see the node on my US.

    I'm getting Zoledronic Acid for another 2 years, as now menopausal............

    I didn't get nausea with chemo, just indigestion and reflux. I was handing back boxes of nausea meds I hadn't used!! Chemo seems to hit weak points, and I've never been a vomiter. But every sports injury I ever had let me know about it!!

    You've got this sweetie, and it sounds like they are being thorough!!



  • Awww, Daisy, bless you! 

    Yes, our two muscled into clinic with me today, hubs was doing chair-based yoga, his first ever session, and quite enjoyed it but wasn't sure if he would be right at clinic anyway, plus it's a long way from where we could park for his wheelchair! So for our two, it was 'pay back' for me looking after them till almost in their 40's! They've been terrific, so much help and support and then they cooked dinner too! Pay back indeed! 

    Hope you're well, and still coping ok? 

    Hugs xxx