Stage 2 invasive DCIS E+ and HER2+

  1. Quick back story, Was diagnosed in sept 21  (after being misdiagnosed since April 21) mastectomy and SNB (1/3 positive) Nov 21 26mm invasive with a total of 92mm (non ivasive and invasive) was due to start chemo in the Jan 22 but my youngest DD got covid and then so did I, so chemo was deferred until Feb 22. Started chemotherapy last week, having 5FEC-T and then on the 4th cycle I will start Herceptin.
  2. Just really wanted some positive vibes tbh as although yes I know my cancer has a positive outcome at the end of all the treatments (consultant said 98% survival rate for the next 10 years), it is a very scary place to be especially when I have children at home and my partner lives elsewhere, it's harder that I am not allowed to bring anybody with me while I have the chemotherapy due to covid restrictions etc. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing ok. Thank you for reading x
  • Hi Tizzy. I have just been diagnosed with HER2 bresst cancer too. Chemo should start in 2 weeks 6 cycles every 3 weeks followed by surgery followed by radiotherapy then looks like Herceptin so a long year plus ahead.

    I am a bit scared of Chemo side effects but like you have been told its a great success rate. I am trying to just take one stage at a time and not think too far into the future.

    It will be hard for you with your children at home Tizzy but hopefully they will keep you positive and give you the strength you need.

    You take care and keep strong xxx

  • thank you for your reply, yes the chemotherapy I'm on is every 3 weeks for 6 cycles, and then radiotherapy. I had the option of having surgery first,  my surgeon said they could do a lumpectomy but i opted for a mastectomy which I'm honestly glad I did given what they found as non of the scans had picked it up. The first few days after chemotherapy I felt OK other then tired, then suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks. Even now the following week I can't taste anything I'm eating and my arm is sore along the vein they used. 

    My children are keeping me going, keeping me active as my youngest is two years old so it's a struggle sometimes but I plow through it and carry on.

  • HI izzy. Know the chemo is not going to be easy but will just need to see how it goes. I am just going with what consultant has said about the treatment and pray for a good outcome.

    Your children will keep you going and thats positive although will be a struggle at times.

    My children are in their mid 30's but they keep me going to.

    Stay strong and you will get there. Take care  xxx

  • Hi there, I was diagnosed a year ago, went through chemo, surgery, radiotherapy and have two Herceptin injections left to go.  I blogged through the whole experience, this one in particular might help you both  

    Chemo blog post

  • Hi , thank you so much for your reply, I have read your blog and it's pretty much me down to a t atm cycle 1 day 9, side effects are bare able, no taste is a pain but it hasn't stopped me eating yet, mouthwash burns my mouth, teeth are sensitive. 2 more weeks to recover until my next cycle then it starts again but I'm thinking positive that if it leaves me feeling like this then it's working it's magic on any remaining cells etc. I have been writing a little diary of my side effects since day 1 and noted what my temp is during the day, thankfully mine hasn't gone above or below 36 .7, Worried about the herceptin but I will cross that bridge in three months when I start it. I need to ring my oncologist as I've been given hormone tablets and some other tablets to help with bones but I didn't think I start them until chemotherapy has finished so they're currently in the medicine cabinet. 

  • Thank you so much Irishgirl16 after reading your blog it did help me to know a bit more about what to expect. It's just fear of the unknown but I think the more information I have the better. Will meet my Oncologist on Monday and get as much information as I can. I am retired so try to keep myself distracted by keeping busy. I know how busy time goes so will be where you are by this time next year.

    You will be glad to finish your last 2 cycles.  Hope they go well. Thanks again. Take care xxx

  • I'm retired too. Also seeing Oncologist for first time Monday. Mine is HER2+, Grade 2 Ductal Invasive, ER8,PR0, clear margins following lumpectomy and sentinel lymph nodes clear. Feel lucky but scared too. I am anaemic, even after 2 iron infusions and have Arrhythmia and AF, so worrying how treatment will affect me 

  • Hi Gander. It's such a daunting time thinking of what's ahead but just want back to normal. I have to get Chemo 1st then surgery,  radiotherapy then Herceptin. Grade 3 HER2 positive. Struggling a bit today just can't focus on anything and it's hard to tell someone how you feel only someone else who knows what you are going through. Heavy snow and winds out don't help. Feeling positive it has been caught early and treatable and know just how time flies.

    Hope your treatment goes okay.

    Take care and Good Luck xx

  • It's doable, we CAN do this!! All the best x

  • I had Anastrazole for a month. Then Surgery. Know I'm having Chemo, RT, Herceptin for a year plus back onto Anastrazole x