Stage 2 invasive DCIS E+ and HER2+

  1. Quick back story, Was diagnosed in sept 21  (after being misdiagnosed since April 21) mastectomy and SNB (1/3 positive) Nov 21 26mm invasive with a total of 92mm (non ivasive and invasive) was due to start chemo in the Jan 22 but my youngest DD got covid and then so did I, so chemo was deferred until Feb 22. Started chemotherapy last week, having 5FEC-T and then on the 4th cycle I will start Herceptin.
  2. Just really wanted some positive vibes tbh as although yes I know my cancer has a positive outcome at the end of all the treatments (consultant said 98% survival rate for the next 10 years), it is a very scary place to be especially when I have children at home and my partner lives elsewhere, it's harder that I am not allowed to bring anybody with me while I have the chemotherapy due to covid restrictions etc. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing ok. Thank you for reading x
  • Hi, this is the same for me. I was diagnosed 6 weeks ago although I’ve found it really hard to take in and have asked to only know what I really need to know at the moment. But I have the same treatment plan - 6 cycles of chemo, 1 every 3 weeks, then a single mastectomy, then radio therapy. 
    i had my first treatment almost 3 weeks ago with the second one next week. The things I would say are, the actual treatment day wasn’t as scary as I thought, everyone was lovely, the nurses etc and other people there also being treated. It felt quite cold so wear layers etc and they can give you heated pads which I’ll ask for next time. 
    Although I had side effects afterwards (I know everyone is different) they only really lasted for a few days and although I was on the sofa with the Winter Olympics on for a few days, the actually truly feeling rubbish was only a couple of days… 
    I am gearing myself up for the second one now, I know that it will stress me out but I got through the first one and after the second one you are 1/3 of the way through it. You will get through it. 
    The one “tip” I was given, which I didn’t do stupidly but will do next week, is to take some little ice cubes in a thermos, to suck on during the treatment. Alternatively I think you can ask for ice pops which they should have there. This apparently really helps with the sore mouth/ulcers which is a possible side effect - it only lasted a few days for me - but I’m going to give it a go next time… 

    Good luck with it. You’ll be great. I hope this helps 

  • Yes we can do it. We have the support of everyone here to keep us positive.

    Take care and all the best xxx

  • Thank you for replying. Glad you got your 1st chemo over and as you say you know what to expect next time. Thank you so much for your advice it helps.

    Good luck for the future and take care xxx

  • Hi, I have Phesgo (herceptin) injections, absolutely no side effects whatsoever!  Hope it's the same for you x

  • Hi that is good to know, for some reason I thought Herceptin was another course of Chemo but know now its not.

    Thank you for sharing this, it has made me feel better tonight.

    Take care xxs

  • Hi Tizzy10 I've just read your story and we are we are in a very similar situation. Had 1st chemo and am now on day 9. Bit tired, still got appetite. Mouth starting to get sore now..  Like you even it's going to get rid of it then I'll do whatever it takes. It's comforting to know there are so many of us out there for each other.. 

    Irishgirl16 I will read your blog later as it sounds like it'll help.. 

  • Thank you for your reply. Yes my teeth are sore, though not sensitive to hot/cold just overall sore, eating is being a pain while they're like this but I'm eating soft foods until it gets better. My tongue is sore on the tip like it has got a spot on it like an inflamed taste bud. Its really strange but overall I'm feeling ok. Thinking positive etc. Hope your journey is smooth sailing and you're feeling ok x

  • I had this after my first session too. My mouth got quite bad but it was only for a few days. It was a good excuse to eat ice cream and ice lollies! I’ve been told to suck ice cubes during my next session which I’m definitely going to do which apparently helps it not be so bad next time…. Good luck, keep positive and even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes it isn’t forever xx

  • Oooo that sounds like a good idea, not sure how I can keep ice cubes/pops frozen for my next treatment as the hospital is an hour away. I will speak to the chemo team. Thank you for that tip. Hope you're well x

  • Yep my hospital is 45 mins away, I’ve bought a food thermos flask and I’m going to give that a go on Tuesday…. Although I’ll probably get an ice Lolly from them when I get there hopefully! Will be a distraction if nothing else!! X