It seems I'm a patient now!

But not a very patient one! 

I've at least got a diagnosis, it's invasive ductal cancer grade 2, but still small, oestrogen receptive but looks as if I might get away with the lymph nodes....and maybe not too much treatment afterwards? 

Complex plan, but to begin with, a sentinel node (plus another one or so) removal as day surgery, (a nuclear medicine visit first to get 'the jab' for them to trace) then a gap while that,  plus the HER result come back, then because of my previous surgeries for cysts and the fact one resulted in a massive haematoma, therefore scar tissue, I will have a complete mastectomy with an implant. That will be immediately after Easter. 

By finding out as much as possible beforehand, the surgeon hopes to prevent too many operations. Obviously I will then need Tamoxifen or similar, so will appreciate helpful advice about that. 

But I'd be interested on anyone's 'take' on her plan. I feel reassured that she took time with me, and the BC nurse afterwards spent a good while too. 

Hugs xxx

  • Thanks for all the reassurance, Karen.  Anything and everything is welcome! 

    Hugs xxx


  • That’s brilliant the family are rallying let yourself be pampered for a bit, you deserve it! 

    It sounds as though it’s been found early and NHS are on the case and you’ll be sorted before you’ve had a chance to catch your breath!  
    With all that’s going on with you, you’re asking about me!  (what a lovely lady you are xx) I’m doing good, check up next month (now 2 1/2 yrs since treatment finished....) Hope you’re daughter is still doing well also xx
    Be kind to yourself now...much love, Dxx

  • Hi Daisy, 

    So happy you’re doing well, wow, 2 1/2 years on! I so remember that long long thread, pity it had to go! 

    Yes, she’s doing ok thank you, in spite of catching each and every cold etc going, with a very very low immune system! But is off to play with/for Anton and Erin tomorrow in Liverpool. 

    I suspect they were a little fascinated to learn they were treating the Mum of a donor bone marrow survivor! 

    Hugs xxx


  • What can I do about the 4am can’t get back to sleep times? 

    I know it’s all going to kick off, I know that treatment will start very soon (the sentinel node excision) and that I can have my few days of holiday. I know that the NHS is fantastic when cancer is the diagnosis. I also know that getting myself onto a screen is even worse to keep myself awake, too, so joining in ‘AWAKE...’ is probably not a good idea!

    Do I chat to my GP for some sleeping tablets? Maybe some calming tablets? Any ideas? 

    Hugs xxx


  • Hi

    I have always slept really well - until my diagnosis 16 months ago. Waking up and not being able to get back to sleep is the worst, I used to get up , make a drink, look online etc, but decided I had to stop so forced myself to stay in bed and try and get back to sleep - I didn’t take anything , and when my menopause started with the chemo and continued with the Tamoxifen the hot sweats started. I have got used to waking up and do generally go back to sleep, but have just started taking citlatroplam to try and stop some of the hot flushes and sweats , it’s too early yet to say if they are working. 

    It’s worrth asking your GP what they recommend , even if you decide not to take anything at the moment.

    Hope you find something to help you 

    Jo x

  • Thanks! 

    I will phone for a phone chat, it’s the easiest way to speak to him as appointments are not the quickest thing to get!

    Hugs xxx


  • You could  try some Kalms?

    I think you get used to disrupted sleep  and thinking now is that an 8 hour stretch is not how we are meant to sleep, you could research the various theories on this if you can't sleep in it might help to reassure you that you're not losing out!

    You can also try some mindfulness and there are various apps you can get for your phone so have a look at those and also meditation which I used to get to sleep where you lay on your back and tense all of your muscles and then relax everything and slowly work your way through your body relaxing each individual part so toes feet ankles calves shins knees and so on until you reach the head don't forget to include the drawer the eyebrows the brain all your internal organs on the way up and as you relax each one individually I should go up by the time you get her about your chest or your neck I'm pretty sure that you will have dropped off!

    Sorry for the typing but I am having extreme problems answering on my phone at the moment and voice talking is there for the way to go! 


    I am not medically qualified, please consult your doctor or undertake your own research.


    I with you on the screen and looking at the laptop/ phone/ ipad. I have stopped doing that whenever I can. I notice it did affect me.

    I use a calm app on my phone which has its successes and total failures some nights. Indeed last night!!! They work on the one I use about concentrating on your breath. YUP when it is good. Then they also have sleep stories which I have nodded off to. Plus some lovely music which helped for most of last night.

    Daughter, who is a nurse, always insists even if you are lying as relaxed as you can be then that is a form of rest. But getting up and milling around using tech not a good plan at all.

    I have always avoided tabs/meds 

    Good luck with tonight maybe there is a good answer for you somewhere

    Take care and have a good day


    Life is like a boxing match, defeat is declared not when you fall ..... But when you refuse to stand up again ....... So, I get knocked down but I get up again. x

  • Have to say, I was a bit too dozy even to think of all the yoga breathing, which I now know from weekly sessions, plus the relaxation techniques which I know well as I used to run these for my patients in the Day Hospital plus instructing one of my helpers too! (Was an OT in my paid job!) 

    But I will try and remember for tonight! Thanks, all....

    Hugs xxx


  • Been in to M&S for bras at night as I’m still very bruised, the lovely ladies suggested crop tops and sorted me out with the right size. Hopefully that will help as well, when the surgery for lymph nodes bruises the other side of me!!!!

    Had a bit of a meltdown as I know there was some refund dosh on my card (I pay it off immediately but had to return something) but the assistant was a bit dumb and I tossed the card into the air saying ‘this isn’t much good, then’! Bless her she got someone from Banking to help straight away and I apologised profusely for my bad manners! 

    Hugs xxx