leptomeningeal disease

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Hi everyone - 85 year old mum has just been diagnosed with leptomeningeal disease and although asymptomatic at the moment has been given weeks to live.

  • Hi hope you’re getting really good support for Mum from the oncology/ palliative care team. There will be different medications they can give if Mum begins to get any symptoms. They will give you as much help & guidance during this tough time. I hope also you’re getting support for you as well. One thing which you may find hard is to be kind to yourself & give time away without feeling guilty, please don’t you need time to help you get through all what you’ve learned & are going to have to go through next. Will be thinking of you & hope you & Mum get chance to go through all the wonderful times you have spent together. 

  • Thanks Sigrid for your kind message. Luckily I have 3 siblings who are also local so we’re sharing the load! She’s had lots of visits and meals out - soaking most of her time x