Secondary brain tumour

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Hi, my husband has just been diagnosed with a secondary brain tumour which has been successfully removed ( we think) .The Consultant is advising 30 sessions of radiotherapy to ensure all cells gone.He had renal cancer about 6 years ago, his right kidney was removed and his full body scan in 2022 was clear. He’s going to undergo another full body scan , needless to say I’m feeling scared and so is he. And confused, It was initially thought the brain tumour was a meningioma but the biopsy proved otherwise. We are hoping and praying that the body scan is clear. Cancer devastates lives.

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    That sounds positive news that the tumour has been successfully removed, and I'll keep everything crossed that the scan is clear.

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  • Thanks latchbrook he had his body scan yesterday so should know more next week. It’s so confusing, I can never think of what I need to ask until too late. But we do have a Clinical Nurse Specialist allocated so I can contact her. So many unknowns. Like if it’s come from his kidney why has it come after so long.  I’m just terrified the will say it’s everywhere and there is nothing they can do. Regards, Boomer

  • its been a month since you wrote down a bout your husband secondary tumor, I have a secondary brain cancer and was interested in how your husband is?

  • Hi, he’s going to undergo radiotherapy at the end of this month, then another brain scan after 3 months. He saw the Oncologist a few days ago and because it has come from a previous tumour it is being classed as stage 4, as they can’t be sure there won’t be cells hanging about somewhere else. She also said there is the possibility of chemotherapy after radiotherapy, she gave us some information about that. It’s a waiting game now, the full body scan didn’t show any tumours anywhere else at the moment but there are no guarantees that something won’t develop in the future. How are you doing Xavia?