Feeling helpless

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Hi - I’m new here and feeling totally out of my depth

my mum was diagnosed with womb cancer this time last year, in July she was told it had spread to her lungs and 2 weeks later was told it had spread to her bones.  2 days ago she was then told it has gone into her brain!  

She’s so scared, scared of her death and I don’t know how to support her.  

Understandably she’s so down and the bad days are outnumbering the good, mental health rather than physical.  

i feel totally helpless on how to support her.  My dad is burying his head in the sand and my sister (who I dont speak to just sobs with my mum!)

  • Hi I am so sorry to hear what you and your family are going through.  Has your mother been told that her cancer is terminal or is it treatable?

    It's normal for many of us to be afraid of death and whether you are or not and how afraid you are probably depends on what you believe in.  If your mother is religious maybe getting her to church or seeing if your priest can come to you might be of help.

    Even if she is not religious there is a completely non religious you tube video I watched recently that I found very comforting and reassuring.  It was presented by a lady who says she is a death educator and researcher.  I don't have terminal cancer but having recently had cancer death is something that seems more real and potentially more imminent than it did before and this you tube clip and others like it have really helped me, as has being a Christian.  

    You can CLICK HERE if you want to watch it and then you can decide if you want to share it with your mother or others in your family.  

    I hope it helps you and your family as much as it did me.