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Hi, I  wonder if anyone has any experience of medication for brain secondaries of kidney cancer. My husband has a few tumours and has been on both sunitinib and now cabozantanib. The latter for 18months. Any ideas of anything else tried.? 

  • Hi Ba1 welcome to the forum. I'm wondering if your question might be better answered by one of the medical folks maybe  in the  Ask a Nurse section of this site as they may know more than we do about other drugs and combinations of drugs.

    I have include the link in this email to the Ask a Nurse and you need only post your query in there and they will get back yo you asap.

    Ask a Nurse


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  • Thank you Granny59 for the suggestion , I was just asking for personal experience to add to the medical one, but will consider getting an additional medical one.

  • Hi BA1,

    I have had secondary brain cancer but with primary bowel. I've had 2 brain ops but other than anti seizure meds nothing else. With secondary brain being much rarer it's always difficult to gather other people's experiences.

    Sorry to not be of much help.


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