Secondary Brain Cancer…I need some help and advice

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My dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer that had spread to his lungs. Around 2 months ago we received the news that the cancer has spread to his brain. My dad has 2 tumours on his brain and a few lesions. 

They started my dad on immunotherapy which he only had 2 rounds as he had extremely bad side effects. My dads collapsing often and having seizures and is struggling with his memory and balance but on some days he’s really good and you would really know anything is wrong. Last week he collapsed and was taken into hospital to be told one of the tumours has grown. He has an appointment with his consultant tomorrow. 

I’m his youngest daughter (24) with a lot of health issues myself so I feel like he’s not being honest. I know what’s going on I’m not stupid but could anyone tell me what to expect from now? How long roughly has he got? I know everyone’s different but I’m being the strong one between me and my sister and I’m trying to piece everything together. I’d honestly appreciate honesty, help and advice. Thankyou xx

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    I'm very sorry to read that your dad has kidney cancer which has spread to his lungs and brain and I hope you now know more after your dad saw his consultant.

    I'm not a member of this group and don't have any experience with the type of cancer that your dad has but noticed that your post hadn't had any replies yet. This could be because it's very difficult for anyone who doesn't have access to your dad's medical details to know how his cancer is likely to progress.

    The best people to talk to would be your dad's consultant or CNS (cancer nurse specialist) if your dad gives permission for you to do this. However, it can be very difficult for even medical professionals to be able to tell you how long your dad has got left as every one responds to treatment differently.

    Sending a virtual ((hug))

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  • Hi there,

    Sorry to read about your dad's diagnosis and how difficult it is for you. I expect you've had more details now your dad has met with his consultant.

    I had spread to the brain and have had a single brain tumour operated on twice. Brain spread has been the most challenging part of my disease and I believe the most challenging and frightening thing for anyone.

    I hope that your dad has now been prescribed steroids to reduce the swelling which causes a lot of the symptoms and likely Kepra to reduce the chances of seizures, I am permanently on Kepra.

    I also had stereotactic radiosurgery, this is not available in all parts of the country, also sometimes referred to as Cyber knife.

    If you want to check out anything or have any questions I will help if I can. 

    Best wishes


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