Secondly brain tumors

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Just found out after days ago my wife as secondary brain tumors and she is in hospital after suffering a couple of seizures, we're at the waiting stage at the moment after the MRI's. So a bit of a scary time

  • Hi melanoma,

    Sorry to hear that, it's very scary when you're waiting to find out what's happening. I've been through it twice having had surgery both times and am awaiting another MRI to check all is ok 6 months after my last surgery. After the first op I also had stereotactic radiosurgery as another way of mopping up any rogue cells. My original disease was from the bowel.

    Hope you get some answers soon and get some clarity of what happens next. I imagine they have prescribed dexamethasone to reduce any brain swelling which will prevent the seizures. 

    Any advice please feel free to ask.

    Best wishes


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