Colorectal spread to brain.

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Find out about primary bowel cancer a year ago.

Had chemo for 3-months which seems to be working but they did not scan for anything else especially in my head

I had stroke like symptoms about 3 months ago and and my son who happens to be a doctor suggested did I get an emergency CT

Turns out that the cancer had spread to my brain in multiple metastases.

NHS reacted quickly and I got a scan done in Bristol oncology G-Unit which revealed 7 tumours  undetected before.

It takes 3 months to see what the radiotherapy has achieved so I'm now waiting a couple of weeks to find out.

What with kovid it has been quite a tricky and challenging time but my name message would be B2 stay positive and have something to look forward to always

They can do amazing things these days.

If anyone else has experienced this run of bad luck then pleaseshare are if you wish to.

My biggest hang up is putting on a lot of weight as I was pretty active for a 57 year old and now I have had to hand in my notice at work as I can't effectively work anymore more so there is always an upside!

these steroids and getting those balanced out is the most difficult thing and lack of sleep which is when you tend to start eating because you're awake and there's nothing else to do at 4 in the morning!

I am also apparently quite irritating to other people which isn't my usual style!

Thank you for listening.


  • Hi Mike and a very warm welcome to the online community

    It sounds like you've had a lot to deal with recently and it's natural that you want to see if anyone else shares your experiences. 

    I found these previous posts where people have mentioned bowel cancer as the primary and if you click on the link I've created you could have a read through them. 

    Wishing you all the best


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