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Hi there all this is my first post here.

I had a seizure at work back last August I was admitted to the JR in Oxford where it was discovered I had lung cancer and 2 x mets to brain, lung cancer was treated with chemo & radiotherapy, brain mets with stereotactic radiosurgery, it was then discovered I had another 3 brain mets that were treated, the same way, I now have at least another one that wants treating I had mri 2 weeks ago and have been told there have been changes had ct to chest, abdo & pelvis yesterday so now just waiting for results and update on brain mets my question is does anyone know if there is a limit to how much stereotactic radiosurgery you can have 

  • I am by no means an expert but I have had srs twice the first time on 2 mets and about 18 months later when 1 of the mets had recurred. I was told that as long as they could keep treating my mets with srs they would. But that the same site couldn’t be treated within 6 months.

    I believe that the nice guidelines are that up to and including 4 mets at the same can be treated with SRS but any number higher than 4 is Whole Brain Radiation. There is also a size limitation on SRS