Auditory Schwarnoma

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Hiya- After losing my hearing on right side and experiencing balance issues and sickness and headaches I have now had an MRI result saying I have an auditory schwarnoma. I was told by phone from 2 different Doctors (both not realising the other one had called). To say I’m not confident about what is going to happen next is an understatement. I have an appointment with ENT in 2 weeks and am really anxious. Is there anyone else who has had this and what happened with you?

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  • Hello lovely. I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I have exactly the same on the left side. I was diagnosed two years ago now and so far not too bad in all honesty. I have lost my hearing completely in my left ear now. I have good days and bad days with balance but its mostly the annoyance of the hearing loss and the fatigue really. I have been told the next option is radiotherapy if and when it gets to that stage but Schwannomas are slow growing. I have been given balance exercises to help.  X