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Hi Heart

I was hoping for some advice/reassurance initially. For a few weeks now I’ve been suffering with pain in my upper outer left thigh. It aches through the day but it goes next level at night! I’m not sleeping well at all because I can’t find a comfortable position. I can only compare it to having toothache, in that it throbs and radiates to other areas of my leg, it makes me feel nauseous at times. I’ve been taking paracetamol & ibuprofen with little effect. 
When I get up from bed or a sitting position I find I’m limping. I don’t know if I’m imagining it but the area to my thigh does appear more swollen compared to my other thigh. I’ve made an appointment to see my Gp, I’ve just got a really bad feeling that something is not right. Can anyone relate to this? 
Thank you in advance Heart

  • Hi Trailing Ivy 62 welcome to the forum. I think you have done exactly the right thing in making an appointment to see the GP. This could be absolutely anything like a pulled muscle, sciatica or boney changes due to wear and tear but its best to get it all checked out. I have had them all so can relate to what you are experiencing and with some physio and different pain meds this has cleared up and hopefully yours will be the same . 

    Best Wishes


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  • Hello Blush

    Thank you so much for your reply & reassurance. It’s no fun getting old that’s for sure!!

    Hopefully I’ll get some relief when I’ve seen my Gp but I truly appreciate you sharing your experience x

  • Hi Trailing Ivy when you see your GP ask for an xray

     Do you get pain in your groin. I hope you feel better soon. Let's know how you get on. Xxx

  • Hello Heart

    I will definitely be asking for an X-ray…. Yes, I do get groin pain… when I think about it I recall a few months back I pulled my groin (can’t remember exactly how) it’s niddled me ever since then…. Do you have personal experience of groin pain? Appreciate your response… thank you xx

  • Yes I do. Also the niggle nagging feeling of toothache. Please let me know what your doctor says. Don't let him fob you off.

  • Evening Heart

    I went to see my Gp, she was very thorough and methodical (I think she may have been new to the post), I don’t usually mention that I’m a nurse… but I don’t think it was going in my favour re: X-ray referral…initial response was sciatic pain and physio referral… I asked for an x-ray… pointing out that neither she nor I had X-ray vision… she said she would have to discuss with a colleague and will let me know… I will continue to push for X-ray 

  • I know some doctors don't like when we ask.  It was my physio that was going to start me on a course of some sort of physio and decided to do an xray before so. I am so glad she sent me for the xray. Hoping things get sorted but if you're not happy....please ask for the x ray. Let me know how it goes. Xx

  • I will keep in touch… thank you Heart

    I hope you don’t mind me asking but what is your diagnosis? 

  • I have just written my profile up. It's on there. Please take care.

  • I’ve just read Heart️… sending love to you and thank you so much for taking the time to hear my story … would you be willing to tell me how it all started for you?